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mIRC and Chat Client Instructions

This document will assist PC users in downloading, installing, and configuring mIRC to access #reefs. If you already have a chat client installed (e.g. Mac users), skip to step 4 for configuration instructions.
1. Download mIRC's free software at

2. Once the program has completed downloading, execute the .exe file you just downloaded. The program will start its installation, taking you step by step through the installation process.

3. After you have installed mIRC, you can now run mIRC.

4. You will now need to configure the software to access #reefs.

5. Go to your chat client's connectivity/server settings section. In mIRC, this is located at Tools -> Options. The first selection that will appear in the left hand selection tree is "Servers" under the "Connect" section. This is the correct selection.

6. Add a new IRC server. In mIRC, click on the Add button.

7. For Description, fill in "". For IRC Server, fill in "". For Port(s), fill in "6667". Leave the Group and Password fields empty.

8. Click OK. You now have the server properly configured.

9. "" should now be displayed in your selected IRC server list. In mIRC, click "Connect to Server".

10. Once connected to the server, your chat client will ask you to enter a channel name to join. Type "#reefs" (make sure to include # before reefs) and click join.

11. Welcome to #reefs chatroom! Now that you're in the chat, you may ask your fellow reefkeepers on tips on how to get the most of mIRC and your IRC experience.
Created by Len
Last modified 2007-03-14 17:43