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breeding my false percs

hi im breeding my false percs but i need to know what they will eat i have frozen hikari enriched rotifers and hakari frozen artemia i also have a breeding pair of yellowtail damels and some solid blue damsels i cant keep the damsels alive longer than 1 day where am i going wrong? any ideas i have heard rotifers are too big for them anything smaller exist that you can get? pleas help........ luke
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want to breed :-)

I'd like to get into breeding fish, I'd like to breed fire fish. Could anyone give me book information or link to a webste that may have some info on breeding fire fish. Whats a good fish to start out with?

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anyone breeding BLACK Amphiprion polymnus?

Does anyone on RDO know of BLACK Saddleback Anemonefish being successfully captively bred?
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All right I want to learn how to frag these mushrooms

I have some green stripped mushrooms that I love the color of and they are getting to be very big and covering some of the new little ones under neath there lips. How do I frag them to a different rock and which ones should I frag? The big ones.. little ones?

Thanks for the help in advance..

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Some fragging help please! :D

I have two corals that I want to maybe frag. I have fragged other kinds of coral in the past like capnella, shrooms and sarcophyton. I want to frag a Rhodactus (very large, maybe 6"-7" across when fully expanded) and a donut coral (Scolymia Coral). (I am not considering fragging it now I just want to learn a little bit more about it) No pic of the rhodactus.

This is not my coral (I wish ...
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Shipping fragged Xenia

I've had several guys from the board contact me about getting some Xenia frags from my colony, lousy pic in this thread:

I know Xenia doesn't ship well. Which is better, to frag it off onto smaller rock, let it attach and ship it that way, or leave it loose in the bag as I've read other types of coral like?
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Cleaner Shrimp

We have 2 cleaner shrimp in our 55 gal reef tank. For probally about the past 2 weeks weve noticed that they both had a belly full of eggs. They seemed to tend to them by flipping them and such ever since we noticed this. However, last night, one of the shrimp released about 200+ baby shrimp from the belly pouch the eggs were in. Then he/she proceeded to pick out the egg shells and ...
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EDIT: MY ATTACHED greenhouse construction log.

Hi all,
this thread has been modified to log the progress on a attached greenhouse that is 16x20 ft.
It started as the log for a commercial size greenhouse that is my next project, after this one is complete.
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Anyone making good $$$ breeding or propagating marines?

Anyone making good $$$ breeding or propagating marines? (fish and corals)
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Pairing True Percular???

Hi everyone,
has anyone tried pairing their clownfishes? and if you have why not share your experiences here so everyone will noe what to do and what not to do anyway I am also trying to pair my clownfishes.
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