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Orbicular Cardinal

hi i have a quition about Orbicular Cardinal i wanted to buy some bannded cardinals and breed them and i went and bout 3 orbicular thinkin they were just grown up banndeds i know stupid thing to do but im new to saltwater tanks what i was wondering was is it possible to breed these and has anyone done it if so any idea's will be welcomed
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how do i bring a bleached brain back to life?

my lfs was going to throw out an open brain because it is almost completely bleached and "dying" so i bought it from them for 5 bucks hoping to bring it back to full health. i figure if it dies i'll at least have a cool looking rock. it is mostly white but the center is bright green and still has a little of the orange/pink fading out to white from the center... is there ...
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Would using natural sunlight be OK for seahorse fry? :)
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My coral banded shrimp just gave birth to about 200 or so and I would like to know what to do? CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT??? I need to know how long it takes before they are not so small. I also need to know if the mother and father both should be pulled from them. I have the CBS in their own tank without anything else in it except for 1 piece of Live ...
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Zoo color crosses?

Not to show my biology ignorance too much here...but does anyone know if its possible to cross zoo colors thru manipulation during proping or some other technique. I've actually tried searching this quite a bit so I figure its not possible, or only thru sexual not really possible in captive colonies. I have heard of grafting other types of corals...anyone?
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Breeding questions again...

Alright i've spent hours reading posts and helpful websites and i read gobies can mate in under a month of being added to there new home and that they can be bred in tanks as small as 10g and 10g reared tank so i was woundering if i went out and bought lets say 4 10g tanks and the one i'd fully set up for the mating tank the other 3 would have filters heaters ...
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whats a good fish/coral for a beginner to breeder?

Alright i've had my 20g reef going for a little bit but i was at my LFS and seen this dude bring in like 20 baby clowns and he was selling them to the store so i thought about it and thought i could do this so i was woundering what would be a easy fish or even invert to try and breed in a 10g.
:arrow: ...
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some prop vids

Here are two more propagation , I hope they are helpful, and advice is helpful.
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fragged xenia.

so i cut my xenia's head off lol, then i sowed it onto a rock with fishing line. and heres pics only 2 days after
youll notice the mother colony in a pic also

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Lyretail Dottyback / Pseudochromis steenei

I didn't see a thread about the Lyretail Dottyback soooo heeeerrrreeee it gooooeeessss. I will most definitely welcome feedback even if it's only to say I'm *&^%^ crazy so let it rip. He-he Ha-ha I've started something but I don't know what my next step will be or should be. I traded a Splendid Dottyback and a Green Brittlestar in when I saw someone brought back a female Lyretail. I really loved that ...
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