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I need your feedback to help Bali coral farmers...

I posted this in the 'Industry" forum, but think that it is more appropriate here...

I've just started a 5 month internship with the Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) here in Bali, Indonesia. The purpose of my internship is to develop a guide and certification protocol for the blossoming lagoon-based coral aquaculture farms that are beginning to pop up.

Soooo, in order to maximize my impact on the coral aquaculture farms here in Indonesia, I ...
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Propagating halimeda

I wanted to bring some "prunings" of my halimeda to the frag swap at my fish club and was wondering how I can prune it so it'll be ok to go in another tank. I've never pruned it before since it hasn't gotten huge yet, so I'm not sure if the prunings, if just cut out at the "notches," will root up and grow. Can anyone help me out? And also, I've read about people ...
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Does breeding always help?

Basically what I'm asking is if breeding always makes fish keeping easier. If Moorish Idols started to be bred in captivity, are they always going to be eating? The reason I'm asking is because, well, as you know, I got my seahorse tank. I know seahorses are known to be much easier to care for if they were reared in captivity but two other fish I would be interested in adding are the Ornate Ghost ...
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I am setting up a tank after a few years off...Live rock has been taken care of; still alive, been fed while in bucket with light.

For this tank I want to start with Tank Raised fish, clowns gobies, etc. Who has the best tank raised livestock? It has been a while and I would like some sugestions on livestock, so that I can plan ahead.
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cool info on fragging LPS, LPS growth, and more...

You guys should check out Jen's Blog...I've been following along so far and there's good info being presented there. How to frag various LPS, growth sequences of LPS, how to prep frags & corals for transport, etc. Check it out.

Jen's Blog


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How large do Ocellaris need to be to breed?

I've just set up a 30g in hopes of breeding (for fun) these clownfish. One is about 2 inches long and the other is about 1.25 inches.

Are they large enough to start breeding now, or should I work on fattening them up?

Also, any other pointers on getting them to start making the bacon? I've heard of The Book (by Wilkerson?), but it is not available here. Any tips or advice regarding tank setup, ...
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Amblygobius sphynx Spawning

I have sand sifting Gobys(Amblygobius sphynx) spawning every few weeks. Is there anyone here with experience with raising the fry?
Thanks, Sissy
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Plate corals

Anybody know how plate corals reproduce/multiply.
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Culturing Phytoplankton

Hey, my name is Mr. Jimbo. How are you today/tonight? Anyway, I'm getting into planning a plankton culture. Here is an article that I was inspired by: ... reeder.htm

Now, I have a few questions.

1. How do you regulate temperature?
2. Is my list of equipment okay? Here it is:

Lithonia Lighting 4 Ft. 2-Light Residential Fluorescent Wrap (Home Depot)
48” 40-watt T12 lamp (2)
ViaAqua ...
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What species are reef aquarists breeding?


A magazine editor asked me if I want to write any article on the propagation of *one* species that reef aquarists are really interested in working with. I don't think they mean fragging, they want something on fish, shrimp or something like that, and I'm drawing a blank. Does anyone have any suggestions? I just wrote a general article for them that gives an overview of marine propagation, but they thought a more specific ...
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