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Bear & Deer 1 - Snailman 0

Apparently bears have moved into the area. My feeder got knocked over and they ate 150lbs of corn since Sunday. :roll: I went out last night and staked it to the ground but not sure how long that will last. Will need to hang it from a tree real soon. They now have a bear season in this area.
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Fun engagement video

I enjoyed this one.

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they're digging tomorrow

So weird. Exciting, but scary and weird. And now I still don't have a framer. Guy I've known 30 years wants $12k for about 2 weeks' worth of work. Wtf. I'm going to go talk to him with M'lord to see what the hell he thinks he'll be doing for those 2 weeks.
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Grrrr.. hate accidents.

So this morning when I was moving cars around due to street sweeping, I got a little too close to another car and hooked the bumper, didn't notice squat until I pulled forward and started hearing the crunching and cracking, and then I knew exactly what it was. Just misjudged how wide the back was, when I was pulling into a parking spot, instead of backing in like you're supposed to when you paralllel park. ...
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So then, droid peeps, help please

How do I make this thing look pretty and get rid of all the crap on the home screens?
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iPhone peeps, help please

I got my droid last night, but when M'Lord texts me from his iphone, it goes to my old iphone and my iPad which are on wifi, not my droid. Help please.
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New 9 gallon planted tank

Just barely getting it started....

It's an Eheim Aquastyle 9, using the stock 7 watt LED the tank comes with as well as the stock filter. No other equipment, no CO2, not even a heater. The goal is to have a zero maintenance planted tank, so: no fertilizers, no stem plants, no carpet, no high light plants (even though the stock LED puts out a surprising 300 PAR at the surface and 55 PAR ...
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Hi Ho


Anyone watching the market, and buying? Where are you getting your metals from? I'm looking to sink a few hundred in, and need recommendations.

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The NFL is a tax exempt nonprofit?!? wtf is that all about?!?
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lets talk showerheads

Low flow, low water pressure (40psi) is it possible to get a forceful spray? I was at a resort in SoCal once and the shower head was this little cheap looking things, but damnit it felt like pins and needles on my skin as it blasted out water... I loved it. I wanted to find that shower head that did it! It was SoCal so you know they have laws requiring efficiency on shower heads, ...
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