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Dyson vacuum

I just spent three hours tonight fixing our Dyson. There was a rip in the hose right near the end, and a screw had come out of the lever that holds the vacuum up when you are done with it.

I had to pretty much disassemble the whole thing to get the screw back in. I will say this. Its a well made vacuum.

And get this

Even though it had star drive screws in ...
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just used afrin for the first time in my life

I don't like anything sniffed up my nose, I always refuse when the doctor tries to give me some nasal spray, but this sinus infection is so bad I decided to try afrin since my wife said it would work.

Holy **** that **** is nastier than Satan's Semen.

I ain't doing that again
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I'm a sap, but this is great

Now that I can play the guitar again, I'm marveling at people who can play like this and sing beautifully at the same time in a live venue with minimal backup. The acoustics of this St Pancras Church are excellent.

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When will World War III Happen?

When, and what will cause it?
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Only in Ky....

Gov. Steve Beshear's administration is arguing in a brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court that Kentucky's ban on gay marriage isn't discriminatory because it bars both gay and straight people from same-sex unions.

The brief argues that because Kentucky's law bars everyone from same-sex marriage, it isn't discriminatory and should be upheld.

Attorney Dan Canon, who represents six gay couples challenging Kentucky's gay marriage ban, told The Courier-Journal that the ...
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Gone Girl Aduction

Been on the new the whole last week. I think they are digging a bigger hole by cover up the hoax with more hoax.

She works for Kaiser.... ... -hoax.html

Now anonymous 'kidnapper' demands an apology from cops who accused 'Gone Girl' physiotherapist of making up her abduction ordeal

Self-proclaimed kidnappers behind 'Gone Girl abduction' of Denise Huskins are demanding police apologize for calling the incident a hoax ...
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Hillary and email

Reports are saying that she had some 60,000 emails that were deleted.

I find that really hard to believe. I've been in business for 10 years and only have some 16,000 emails. I'd say, I'm fairly busy.
60,000 emails? Really? I post in here a lot, and don't even have that many posts. That includes all the silly emoticons and +1's.
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Smile, it is Tuesday

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Google Maps Pac Man

Thank you googles.
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Facebook Spying

So Chip and I were discussing over facebook messenger a few baseball cards the a family member found cleaning out their parents house. This morning Facebook had ads trying to sell me those exact cards. 8O
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