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Aliens are actually demons. Who knew?

Background: some lunatic who used to work for Lockheed Martin recorded a deathbed "confession" of his encounters with aliens and government conspiracies and had it posted to youtube, and the wackier news outlets have picked up the story. The video itself has since been taken down from youtube due to a claim of copyright infringement, but that's not the interesting part. The interesting part is that one of the news outlets that picked up the ...
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Oops.... Part 2

Virgin's rocket toy has crashed in the Mojave. One pilot is dead, another test pilot critically injured.

MOJAVE ( — One person was killed and another majorly injured when an aircraft used by Virgin Galactic for space travel experimentation encountered a problem Friday during testing, the California Highway Patrol confirmed.

SpaceShipTwo, carried by carrier aircraft WhiteKnightTwo, launched at 9:19 a.m. from a location in the Mojave Desert, according to officials from the company, which is ...
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The Burger Chronicles, Chapter XIX

Well, I'm officially back to grillin' 'em.

Any of you who have read my previous burger posts may recall that I've been on a Quest for the perfect burger for a while now. I have learned to bake my own buns, grind my own meat. And in recent months, I have been questioning my Christian upbringing and the wisdom of grilling over cooking them on a flattop.

I blame it on watching too much food ...
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Hey Budah

Show us some pics of your outdoor Halloween display.
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Cop Killer Frein

They used the dead officer's cuffs on him. I like that.
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Creationist Cat On Halloween

Don't do majic DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Spoiler: show
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Amphibian Ebola

This sucks :evil: ... 47124.html

Skin-eating Asian fungus imperils world's salamanders

By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A skin-eating fungus that infiltrated Europe through the global wildlife trade is threatening to inflict massive losses on the continent's native salamanders including extinction of whole species and could do the same in North America, scientists say.

An international research ...
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Palindrome me

ImageCarl Spackler

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So, about Steven Seagal

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