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And now to sell the Prius

It's sitting in my driveway with signs. Posted on Craigslist, LetGo and Facebook marketplace. Any other ideas?

And someone hit the fire hydrant at my neighbors house again last night. We're on the inside of the curve - I have no clue how they're hitting this thing and not crashing into the ditch across the road, on the outside of the curve. Anyway, my car is off the road, if someone hits it while it's ...
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Birding today

Went out to Fort DeSoto park at sunrise today to try out a new camera body. A slow day for the birds, but still nice to walk around with the sun coming up.

For yuks I took a few shots with my "old" camera. Here's a very heavy crop. The detail is amazing to me.

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Ballsy(stupid) or just dumb?

So when I turn back homework assignments I leave their papers at the front, alphabetized because I'm nice that way (still takes them some time to find their paper!) along with a printed out copy of the solutions.

So last week I had this student, who has missed quite a few classes including the previous week hand me a paper with her name written on the top of it and claimed "oh this paper is ...
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Health Insurance Just Went Up Over 100%

Blue Cross said our premiums were going up 25% - 35%. We just got the bill and it's more than double what were paying.

I don't know how I'm going to get through the next 5 years (65).

Laura and I are getting killed being individuals in no group.
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Today's Thread Killer

it's 4:20 on Friday and you know what the means in Sumpland:

It's time for this week's thread killer!

Let's see who's leaving um speechless.

Looking at page three I see that Seven Ephors killed 4 threads. Way to slay 7! You are the last word!

Paint Guru was runner up with three.

Flabello Meandroid and Andy get honorable mentions with 2 apiece.

Knock um dead!
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Eagles Ripoff

The Eagles used to open for Jethro Tull. Ian Anderson on the similarities between "We Used to Know" and "Hotel California:"

I actually heard the song recently at some concert and it was musically spot on and I thought it was a very good song, a very good popular American song. So if it was in any way inspired by 'We Used to Know' I am privileged and feel proud if that was the case. ...
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I almost squished a biker this week

On Monday I was on my way home when a bike cut between me and the guy in the next lane. It was not a quick zip between two cars that were close but had space. We were over lapped by at least half a car length and he passed between us. Idiots like this give bikers a bad name.
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STFU will love this

I have Univ. of California students who cannot tell time. They can't read an analogue clock.

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caption time!

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Re: Trailers Differently


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