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She's gone a gusher

There is a massive water main break on sunset blvd in Westwood up the street from UCLA. The hole must be ten feet in diameter and water is coming out like a geyser.
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A hymn to Japan

From the mundane to the mysterious, a slick video that captures some of the experience of living in Japan.
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Hermit crab

I know this is a fish forum but somebody always seems to have an answer when someone has a question. So I'm gonna ask and hope for the best.

I have a naked hermit crab running around in the tank. He molted and was back in his shell acting just fine. Now he doesn't seem to want in any shell. He sits in the water bowls and walks around the tank. I rinsed all the ...
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Settle Down Captain Happy. ... c-control/

With all the scary aviation incidents recently, this story out of the world’s busiest airport might be amusing if it weren’t just slightly horrifying.

An audio clip of a bizarre verbal altercation between a pilot and an air-traffic controller who manages planes on the taxiways at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was released on the Web site on Sunday.

In the clip, an unnamed Delta Airlines ...
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This feels like good news

Washington (CNN) -- Calling it a "cost of war," Republican and Democratic leaders announced a $17 billion compromise bill Monday that would get veterans to a doctor more quickly, hire more medical staff, add dozens of new facilities and cut bonuses at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

As it aims to reshape medical care for veterans, the proposal also would plump up the deficit, adding $12 billion in red ink.

The bill was hashed ...
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Something to look at

when I'm hitting it froggy style

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Kidnapper Arrested.

Girl disappeared in NH last October. She turned up at her house last week. Due to the timing everybody sort of assumed she was pregnant and ran away to have the baby.

They arrested a suspected kidnapper today. Check out this creepy bastard


The Attorney General's Office said Nathaniel Kibby, 34, of Gorham, was arrested Monday and charged with one count of felony kidnapping for knowingly confining Abby Hernandez, 15, on Oct. 9, ...
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"Extrusion and Revolution Solids."

It could make my 3d printer fun. . .

mostly safe for work.

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Virginia Gay Marriage Ban ruled unconstitutional

The dominoes keep falling.

Since the founding of our country, we have been working to create the more perfect union that our Constitution promises. It has been a long, sometimes slow, struggle, as we have extended the blessings of liberty to those once ignored or pushed aside. Sometimes battles have been fought in the legislature, sometimes in the courtroom, sometimes even in the streets. But inevitably, no effort to restrict the rights or limit the ...
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Hey Mitchell

Have you tried this with your drone yet?

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