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Ebola question

You guys probably already discussed this, but threads get long. Is this doctor that survived now immune?
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beheading attire?

Why in Orange jumpsuit? Is there any significant in the color for Muslim? Or it is just what they wear to make it easy to spot in case they ran away?
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Sotloff beheaded.

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I blame Dupa

We had houseguests for the long weekend which meant four extra showers a day in the upstairs bathroom. Last night, after my kid's showered, my wife called me upstairs to look at the floor. It looks like we have a leak, the carpet outside the bath is soaked and the subfloor is not much drier. I imagine it has been going on for some time, but we did not notice because it was not enough ...
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IRS... gotta love them for their consistency...

... of being known as the most hated part of the government, more so than even the president to a racist conservative. ... 1409612488

IMO, this is just dumb, if you're going to consider this a "taxable meal" and base it on "fair market value" then you're going to have no one want to eat there because what's fair market value? Gourmet chef, so that alone makes a ...
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Cubans wash up on Texas shore

McALLEN, Texas — Authorities in Cameron County are used to encountering illegal immigrants, however on Labor Day they made an unusual find when a group of Cuban immigrants arrived at South Padre Island after a 1,200 mile voyage.

The six men originally from the island of Nueva Gerona, just south of Cuba, washed ashore, just north of the tourist area, sometime early Monday morning. The area is under the watch of the Cameron County Park ...
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Communist radioactive wild boars invade Germany

I guess I shouldn't complain about the feral pig problem we have down here. :P

Chernobyl Disaster Leaves Radioactive Wild Boars Roaming Germany

MAINZ, Germany -- Nearly three decades after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, wild boars containing high levels of radiation have been found roaming the German countryside some 700 miles away. The explosion at the Ukrainian plant in 1986 spread a radioactive cloud over Europe. ...
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Nude Celebrity Hacking Scandal

Wow....just a reminder to everyeone. If it is on your computer or phone and that connects to the internet it is accessible to the world. My philosphy teacher in high school back in 1997 warned us about this. She said that what we put online is a permanent record for life. Our employers, family and friends will be able to see anything we put online forever.
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So what. Michael Sam got cut.. did plenty of others. He didn't have the skills the Rams were looking for and was weak on pass rush. Not signing him to their practice squad was a favor so that another team that might need a run defender for their 4-3 defense could still pick him up. Business as usual for the NFL. Why during the entire preseason did the media have to make such an issue of his sexual preferences? It ...
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