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NFL update!

Patriots Put Hellen Keller In At Quarterback, Somehow Still Manage To Win

FOXBOROUGH, MA – The Patriots were sitting pretty; the suspended Tom Brady coming back in less than two weeks, and backup Jimmy Garoppolo doing a little more than holding down the fort in his absence. But that all came to a halt when Garoppolo went down with an injury last week.

While being tackled by Kiko Alonso of the Dolphins, the ...
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Damn I love auto deposits.

I remember having to deposit a check from work into a bank account, them asking "would you like any cash back", always getting a few bills for some fun money, but ultimately making spending choices based upon how much money I know I have. Well those days are gone, and yeah my work account has been auto-deposited for 10+ years, and instead I buy things based of need (whether real or perceived) and needless to ...
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Trump wants to take your guns

Trump backs up on 'stop and frisk', says he means just Chicago

Donald Trump attempted to clarify his call to reinstate “stop-and-frisk” police practices Thursday, saying he specifically wanted law enforcement to use the practice in Chicago.

"I think Chicago needs stop and frisk. Now people can criticize me for that or people can say whatever they want, but they asked me about Chicago and I think stop and frisk with good strong — you ...
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Hw About Some HENTAI!

Just want to know what all you think about this! :lol:

Spoiler: show
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Schools Making Movies

The past several years I’ve helped write, film, and edit movies at the high school I work at. Ok I can hear the jokes now…anyway, the first two films were remakes of movies. She’s all That and 3 O’clock High. These are full length feature films that we show at our local Showcase Cinemas each year for multiple sold out nights. This is something I put together a few years back with two very talented ...
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My girls rocked the ACT

for a combined score of 57. The older one made a 31 and the younger a 26. Louisiana offers a tuition stipend. The top payout requires a 28 ACT score, plus a 3.5 gpa. Both the girls have better than a 3.5 gpa. If they keep up the good work college will cost me less than high school. The oldest decided she want to go away for school, but not to far. She applied to ...
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Got kicked out of Costco

No, I was not trying to use the "stained" bills.

As soon as I went in there, I hear the alarm blazing, and the entire meat department all fogged up. Their refrigeration line got busted again. What is the chance of getting evac'ed twice for the same problem in less than 6 months in Costco? I think I am going to buy lotto tonight.

They got fined by the clean air people for a lot ...
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Couch Time for Liberals

Gloria Steinem, the feminist leader and a Clinton supporter, said in an email that she had sensed a growing worry in recent weeks, fearing that Mr. Trump’s candidacy was becoming “legitimized by ‘media evenhandedness’ ” that had made his assorted scandals seem more banal.

“There are things any campaign could do better, but in this case, I fear it’s like blaming the victim instead of the bully — dissociating in the hope that we won’t ...
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Trump finally admits birthers are racist ****.

Tune in to your media of choice...
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if the Chinese communist party lost a war

Just wonder.... if the Chinese Communists govt lost a war with Taiwan, for example, will we still need to pay back the debt? Or it will simply transfer over to the new government?
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