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Wazzel's 120

Well here is the tank and my work in progress system design. Please feel free to comment. I do not have enough space between the corner of our living room and a window to make a symmetric stand work. Got a bit of layout work left to do on the system.


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No Candy for You!

MILFORD, Conn. – A Connecticut school district is banning Halloween in an effort to be inclusive.

Victoria Johannsen, a mother of a third-grader at Live Oaks School in Milford Public Schools, says she received a letter stating the school’s decision to no longer recognize Halloween “arose out of numerous incidents of children being excluded from activities due to religion, cultural beliefs, etc.,” the Connecticut Post reports.

The school is discontinuing a popular costume parade, banning ...
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Star Wars Battlefront Beta for X-Box one

HOLEEEEE ****! this is the most realistic detailed FPS I have ever played! Must get full game when its released!
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My Willy Needs Surgery


Eye surgery but they are worried about her calcium levels. Not cheap either. In $3200 just for the surgery.
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bad year

This has been probably the worst year for business I can remember. I had several jobs fall through, and a couple boats got sold to different areas of the country so I won't be working on them anymore, and none of my customers have made any money this year. I had to lay my help off. Tomorrow I haul an oyster boat that needs work but the owner has people to do most of the ...
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Oofa! Halloween x 10

Politically-charged Halloween statements have seldom been successful in the past - and this one is proving no different.
A family in New Jersey have upset some in the community of Butler for decorating their home with what they say is an 'anti-ISIS' theme, using a hanging mannequin representing a soldier and a terrorist standing nearby wearing a mask of President Obama and brandishing a machete.
Behind the scene is a tortured soldier locked in a ...
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I had a dream last night that I was at work and accidentally drove over my welding hood; crushing it right down the middle. It was an older pipeliner style that I haven't used in eons.. At the end of my welding days I had moved on to the auto-lens like everyone else.
This morning on my way thru the garage I saw one of my old hoods laying on the floor where I had ...
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Clemson University apologizes for serving Mexican food

Clemson University issued an apology to students on Thursday after what appears to be a small group of students were offended by an annual Mexican cuisine event put on by university dining services.

Clemson Dining’s "Maximum Mexican" night, has become a student favorite over the last several years, and this year was no different, at first.

Everything was going great. Students were loving the food and festivities. Except for two students, who took to Twitter ...
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replacement part not available, I am fcuked

Have a Thermador cooktop, and one of the spark electrodes is cracked. Looked online and locally, and they don't make them anymore, and everyone had them sold out. I see someone selling them on eBay for like $200 for the part that used to be like $20. 8O

I guess I will use match to light the thing until all of the burner electrode is dead and ...
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Cj, Budha - steam/fallout help

It says released on 11/10 (correct) but says available in approximately 1 month, 4 days and 4 hours (incorrect?)

How come it says this and will I be able to play on day 1 if I get it from steam? Important because I'm having surgery and will be laid up for a few days but back to work by the end of the week.
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