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GoPros and Drones

So while I was down in the keys a couple weeks ago I helped my mom learn how to use her GoPro 3. I had never used one before and found it to be a pretty sweet little device. I had never thought I would have a reason to need or use one. I took it in the pool and recorded the kids and then took it out on the boat and recorded some friends ...
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violent apathy

nah never mind
I spent the past 45 minutes typing something out, but I couldnt bring myself to care about venting about my problems...not ready for the clock tower and rifle bit, I just dont care.,.. violent apathy indeed.*cue maniacal laughter *
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Interesting article about the 3day weekend.

for the past 10 years or so I've hated the 3 day weekend, simply because it did not benefit me (yes I'm selfish that way), my classes always fell on T/W/Th and never on Monday or Friday. Now part of it was selfishness sure, but looking at an instructional calendar I'm also teaching more hours than someone who has a class that falls on a M or a F (more so if it's MWF and ...
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WTF Harry Potter?

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Ok...what the phoo?!?!

Where are all you people? No new comments, no new thread (other than this one). It's the end of the world! 8O :lol:
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WTF Preacher?

Anyone watching this new show on AMC? I saw the series premier last night. Full frontal weirdity, but very intriguing.
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So we were just down in the Keys for a week with my grandfather last week and his health has taken a turn for the worst. My wife says I should go down to be with him and family but not sure how much longer he will be around and then will need a week off whenever he goes for funeral etc... I've never been good with this sort of thing. He is like a ...
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So, tell me about Bourbon and Rye

I'm in the market for a new bottle, having come almost to the end of a bottle of Bulleit Rye. My wife loves Makers Mark, which I don't hate, but is a bit herbaceous for me.

In other news, just bought a bottle of this. Very good - tastes better 20 minutes out of the bottle.

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craigslist scams

There are a few scams going on all the time, and I wonder how it works.

One involves you meeting this fellow at a gas station, and he pay for your gas with some kind of card that he has, and you pay him cash with a discount. Stolen gift card?

Another involves someone paying you $10 to help him return things to store. Probably stolen goods that the scammer can't return in person?
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