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11 year old boy murders 8 year old girl

In a trailer park in rural TN, an 11 year old boy was mad at an 8 year old girl for not letting him play with her puppy.
He was outside her trailer, and asked her through the open window if he could play with the puppy, and she refused. Her parents were in the next room watching TV, and her sister was in the room with her.

The boy went back to his trailer ...
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Hunting Dog

I am looking for a hunting dog. Want to do some simple field work and water retrieving. My wife's two requirements are "hypo-allergenic" and a friendly family dog. I was looking at another Portuguese Water Dog but their requirements are a PITA and you have to sign a contract. The Pudelpointers looked interesting but they are $1500+ and most decent ones are on the other side of the country. Someone else pointed out a labradoodle ...
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Hillary is feeling the BERN!

In her "victory" speech she said that she guesses she should learn how to connect with the 18-29 group. Of course Bernie beat her in the 18-65 or 18-75.

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One Punch Man

How about some comedy? The story about an average guy who is a hero for fun. This explains it better than I could:

You can watch it on Hulu although on the apple tv there no subtitles unlike on the hulu website or you can watch at Daisuki ... CHMAN.html

Until then I off to do 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, 100 squats, and a 10 ...
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Let's have some less grim threads.


Those who do not learn from history ...
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fun "celebrity" sighting

Anyone ever watch the World Series of Poker? Know the name Lon McEachern? He's the one without the 'stache.

Anyway, not a huge celebrity, but I've been listening to him call poker in the WSOP for over a decade now.

I played poker with him last night for an hour at the local cardroom. Had to do a double take after I sat down.

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iPhone FrEaKs - question

On the android side I had a little database that I was able to create tables in to temporarily record my flight records. Is there any database builder on the app store that will allow me to do the same thing?
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zika and microcephaly

The link so far have has been largely circumstantial. Do any of you think that it is at the same level as global warming or moon landing, or more like NK hydrogen bomb or the recent satellite "launch?"
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picc line set

Amd it freakin hurts. A lot. Nurse doesn't known why. I don't know why either.

Arm is killing me where it went in. And the whole bicep and pretty much everything on the inside of my arm. I'm now sitting in a docs office waiting to see if it will pass or if they need to do something else.
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