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I must have psychic powers

Today I was gassing up my Toyota Emasculator minivan, and was behind the Honda version of the same thing, with not a whole lot of space between that car's rear bumper and my front bumper. I started to clean the windows while I pumped gas, and had this weird premonition of the other minivan backing up and crushing me between the two cars. As far as I am aware, this wasn't based on anything rational. ...
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Since this is the only place I feel safe to vent....

My oldest went on a binge drinking Saturday night and ended up in the hospital. Luckily, I guess, she had quite taking her anxiety meds or it could have been worse. Her BAC was well over 0.2 when they brought her in. Passed out and unresponsive, covered in puke. My guess is she was even higher considering the time to get her to the hospital, checked in, cleaned up etc. The friend she was with ...
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Hey golfers.

Head's up. Ross/Burlington Coat Factory/TJMaxx have a bunch of Nike golf stuff for cheap. Stand bags for $70, Shorts for $25, performance shirts for $16-20, and a bunch of shoes. Bought these for $30. ... -red-white

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broody hen hatching chicks

we have an orrington, which is well know for being broody. I gave her some mixed fertilized eggs a few weeks ago, and one hatched yesterday. Being the first time mother, I do not want to spend money on expensive eggs. I found a dead unborn chick a couple days ago. She has egg yolk stains on her forehead, so that made me suspicious of her motherly nature. Anyway, I think I found the reason. ...
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Toyota Highlander Tires

So my wifes 2015 highlander picked up a nail in the tire at some point and was flat this morning. She took it in and they were able to fix it. They told her the tires were down to 3-4 on the tread wear and would need to be replaced soon. WTF is up with cars only going 25,000 on a set of tires these days. Ugh....
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More dog pics

I've been home alone this week with just my dog. I love this guy!


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When You'e Gone to Far

There's a thread somewhere where I explained that I have a friend who (should have) battles the demons that come along with booze. I've known this friend almost 40 years and now he's in the hospital with a a liver that has given up and the docs trying everything what they can to stabilize his condition so he has a chance at a transplant. So far after two weeks nothing seems to be working. I'm ...
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when you have a brisket but no pit or thermometer,

You use the oven...

Hell no, I'm just kidding.

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In or out?
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do any of you have a rental property?

If you do, does contractor (plumber, HVAC, electrician, etc.) give you a higher quote when you told them you are the owner, and the property is being rented?

I sure feel this way for the recent work being done on the AC.
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