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Matt, stop pissing on the poles. Trump's gonna win!

There are a lot of people whose lives have been adversely affected by the unrestricted flow of urine on the streets of San Francisco. On a hot summer day, the stench in some neighborhoods — the Tenderloin, the Mission and South of Market — is nearly unbearable.

But few people have come close to death-by-urine the way Luis Gomez did. Gomez, 40, is a barber. He commutes from the East Bay suburb of Concord to ...
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This guy gets it!

This is a great Wall Street Journal argument.

So, more thoughts on Donald Trump’s candidacy, because I can’t stop being fascinated.

You know the latest numbers. Quinnipiac University’s poll this week has Mr. Trump at a hefty 28% nationally, up from 20% in July. Public Policy Polling has Mr. Trump leading all Republicans in New Hampshire with 35%. A Monmouth University poll has him at 30% in South Carolina, followed 15 points later by Ben ...
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Lake Placid, NY!

Up in Lake Placid at the moment. We came up her for her birthday celebration! So far, it's a good choice... it's really nice up here! 8)
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made it to the Pacific.

My big kid rode across the country! I'll post some pics when she updates her blog.
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Why not Trump?

Why not Trump?

I'm surprised to be asking myself that question, since I never seriously considered the Donald in, well, any capacity. (As in: I literally have barely ever thought about him over the past 30 years, and never seriously.) And for months I was convinced, along with most informed observers, that Trump was a vanity candidate who would go nowhere — or, at best, would make a Herman Cain-style lunge for the brass ring ...
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Amazon failed me!

Ok, so I ordered a simple battery for my phone, and paid extra cash to have it arrive today. Now they said that the shipping company had a problem and couldn't deliver the package today.

What kind of recourse do I have? Who do you even call/report to?

I have Prime.

Any suggestions?

It's more of the principle of the idea that they promised the package would be delivered today...I just want my cash back ...
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If you feel someone is hiding something

How long do you let it go? I got this nagging feeling my wife is hiding something, and have for a while. I have taken the soft handed approach and tried the "if there anything you need to tell me" line of questioning, but got nothing. It could be nothing and just me stressing over other stuff and projecting. She has had some behavior changes lately, gotten real secretive with her phone and computer and ...
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The wonderful Ann Coulter!

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