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Ducking Notary People

Why the uckf must one schedule an appointment to have something notarized?

Can't I just walk in sign some isht and have you stamp it? What a royal pain in the ssa for people like me with lives and endless responsibilities.
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Snailman & the Mrs. 4 - Deer 2

So far it has been a great deer season. We started off with my wife shooting a Doe and a almost yearling (no spots) on her first every sit deer hunting. A few weeks later I nailed a big button buck while strolling through the woods with my x-bow. Fast forward to last Thursday. My 5 year old and myself were out walking at my aunts house. We were almost back to the house because ...
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Colin Kaepernick... a lousy quarterback. The Bucs have a very mediocre defense and the guy completed only a handful of passes all game. He made our team look great!!
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this is why I should stay away from electricity

pool pump has been giving me problem lately, so I am in the process of getting a variable speed one. Got one last week used locally, and it was all corroded and damaged. I am hoping to be able to overhaul the motor and make use of it. Hopefully before the old pump finally give up the ghost.

The old pump started to hum and does not start right away, so I figured it must ...
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This is your brain on... oh, ****, nevermind!

"'This Is Your Brain on Drugs' Guy Endorses Recreational Marijuana"

"Almost 30 years ago, actor John Roselius filmed the now-iconic “This Is Your Brain on Drugs” PSA for the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Today, Roselius says he’s still sometimes recognized as the “Egg Guy”—and is voting “yes” on a California ballot measure legalizing recreational marijuana.

"In August, however, the federal government decided to reaffirm marijuana’s status as a Schedule I narcotic (like heroin) with ...
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no boom boom before big quake ... you-sleep/

The Chinese inventor probably was never married before he came up with the invention.

Innovative Earthquake Bed Offers Safety While You Sleep

Style Sheet April 11, 2016

Residents of Vancouver and Victoria received a scary middle-of-the-night wakeup call on December 30 when a 4.8-magnitude earthquake shook the B.C. coast in the wee hours of the morning, causing houses to shake in their foundations as they ...
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It pays to be tall!

Now I don't mean Matt level of tall, not even close to it, but compared to a horde of Asian women I'm practically Matt level of tall by comparison.

Supermarket had a massive meat sale (I question how much of a sale it really was due to how many Asian women there were), and one of the things was lamb, $2.88/lbs for the shoulder cut, sure why not haven't had lamb in a while, it's ...
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POTUS debate No. 3

My summary

Clinton is a liar.

Trump is a lying crazy man.
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I met a king yesterday

He gave me a business card. It says:

David Wang
King of Prussia, PA 1940b

He looks younger than someone born at 1940. I am going to google Prussia and see where it is...
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They did a flyby around the rings of Uranus

Where they saw not one, but two moons.

Moons, rings, flyby, Uranus :wink:
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