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Dimming PC's and Dimming

Does anyone know if you can dim PC's or Halides?
I know you can dim VHO's but I don't want to retrofit again.

Any help would be great!
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Finally Good Acro Macros!

I bought this Sony DCS-F707 and I aint gonna say what I paid for it....kicked my butt for a while.
Now I can get some nice macro shots with it.....
You can count the tenticles on the polyps.
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SPS n00b advice

well I am started a sps only setup and failed.. I was wondering what advice you can give me.

I have a ca/reactor, MH HQI lighting.. about 1k gph current..ect..

just give me some pointers about acclamation ect and how do be sucessful!


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DIY Metal Halide Problems!!!

Just put together a lighting system by using the double 400w Mercury vapor ballast from Advanced along with 2 Iwasaki bulbs. They will fire without problem, but only one at a time. After a few minutes of running their brightest, one will shut off and the other fires up. What do I do? I have tried plugging it in to other outlets, but nothing works. Is this a faulty ballast or what? I had run ...
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i have a 45 gallon FOWLR with inverts tank and was just wondering if i could add a snowflake eel. right now i have the following in my 45 gallon tank:
39 pounds lr
2 snails
1 blue leg hermit
1blue linkia
1marble linkia
1flame scallop
2cleaner shrimps
2 percula clowns
1 yellow tang.

im planning on getting 10 more pound lr to make another "cave" in a bout a week.
any chances of ...
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Disappearing peppermint shrimp!

I saw a small aiptasia last week and checked the boards for the most effective solution. It seemed that most people had pretty good luck with the peppermint shrimp. I bought a small one and put him in about a week ago. I have not seen him since. Would my cleaner shrimp eat him, or maybe my emerald crab? Any ideas? Should I buy another one, or just wait and see if he shows up? ...
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ANY tank/captive raised/bred wrasses?

I have grown to love wrasses.

They are awesome fish.

I would like to purchase a few, but not if they're yanked from the ocean.

Are there A N Y tank raised or bred wrasses?

Or Anthias?

The colors are so fantastic...
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Any Reefers in Pensacola, FL?

I'll be moving down that way in about two weeks. Does anyone know of any reef clubs in the area? Or how about some good stores?

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Help: Pyrgiscus snail infestation on clams

I found 50 to 100 little tiny white snails on one of my clams this morning. HFT. I read in D&S these are a serious threat. Any advice on how to deal with this?
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zoonthin is not spreading

Hi I bought a greenish/blue zoonthin and set it up on my live rock so it could spread. well its been two weeks now and it has not spread in fact it looks like some of it has died out a bit, although a large portion is doing fine. What is the best way to help it grow? and is my mandarin goby eating it and stoping it from growing? it seems to spend time ...
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