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my 18"x 18" x 18" tank

Final got my self a digital camera~ hope you all like the pic. The tank was 3 months old when I took the pic. :D
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Nice White Reef Sand to Use

What brand and type can i buy whitout selling my own blood. I see some of you have that really nice white sand.
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Where to order good live sand?

I want to get some good live sand, but can't seem to find any at the LFS. I am considering ordering some, but don't know who has a good reputation for good live sand. Anyone who knows a good supplier please let me know. I also would take dontaions if someone wanted to send me a bit from their tanks. I would pay the shipping.

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Skimmer for 90 gallon

I currently use a Bak Pak skimmer on my 90 gallon reef. I have been having some algae problems, but the tank is only 4 months. Should I upgrade to a better skimmer, if so what is good for a 90 gallon. Should I keep the Bak Pak and let the tank mature more? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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cycling tank with shrimp

So far my 72 gallon tank has been up for 5 days or so and the 5 shrimp that are sitting on the bottem of the sand bed are starting to decompose. The shells of the shrimp are all fuzzy and swollen. The Ammonia level is about 4.0... After 3 days I turned the wet/dry on. My questions are: Do I leave the shrimp in the tank. Take the old ones out and replace them ...
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MOST eco-friendly fish?


I know captive bred fish are the way to go. All over that. Problem is, my tank already has clowns, and is being built to house a (hopefully) breeding pair of Mandarins.

So captive bred clowns are out (already have a pair), dottybacks are out (pod hunters that are aggro and mean), and gobies are out (also pod hunters or, just as bad, sand bed hunters).

So I look into "tank-raised" fish. Suppliers are ...
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Temp Controllers: Medusa vs Aqualogic?

Hi there, I am shopping for a temperature controller, dual stage, to control heater and fans(or chiller eventually). I've looked at the Medusa and the aqualogic, and just looking for input on those who have used them. Of course if there is another brand, please let me know...

Thanks for the help!

we should have a "consumer reports" section added to the site!? :wink:

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Another Dumb SPS Question/Hows Can You Tell SPS Is Growing?

Hey All,
Sorry to ask questions like theses since i only know about softies. I have bought serveral more frags of SPS and was wondering how do i know signs of growth? I have gotten theses frags a week ago and but i don`t know much about the name but i do know the commons one like the purple tip/brown stalk SPS and was wondering how do I know its growing?. I also have some ...

New material added to the Library is pleased to announce that new material has been added to the Library. Now in addition to the Aquarium Frontiers Index we also have the Aquarium.Net Index. This index makes it easier to find the over 100 articles published on the Aquarium.Net website ( ) written by marine biologists and professionals such as Robert Toonen, Dr. Ron Shimek, Eric Borneman, Dana Riddle, Alf Jacob Nilsen, and ...
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our petstores banded shark hatched the other day , it is $50 , its about 8 inches long, How fast do these things grow, becaue if they grow slowly i could get it
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