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Frogfish question

I set up a small reef tank dedicated to a lone frogfish (a.maculatus) and I ordered it online. What I got was in fact a longlure (a.multiocellatus) which grows twice as large and is not suitable for my small tank. The vendor is going to replace it. Meanwhile I am housing it in the dedicated tank.

I had read that they would eat crabs in addition to fish and shrimp so I too the emerald ...
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high calcium

its been a while i been using K2R reactor. my calcium is 550. what will happen if calcium is this high? is it will kill my coral or fish? the tank is 55 gallon .
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MH - Is This Right?

Found this today:

250w MH ballast for 38$ each from They also have MH 250w bulbs for 27$ each.

Does that mean I can have 500w of MH light (two ballasts and two bulbs) for 130$?

Am I missing something? That seems very cheap. I have an Ice Cap ballast and two uri vho 140w bulbs and I KNOW we paid more than that.

Or are these not for aquarium use?
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Lighting Hood Fan Question

I know this has been discussed before, But I can't find the thread. I have a hood with MH and VHO's with one 4" fan blowing across the water surface. I then have two 2" fans on top of the hood- should these be blowing in, or blowing air out of the hood? One in, and one out? Does it matter?

Thanks for the help!

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Anthelia Polyps going "Sexual"?!

I have a Anthelia polyp colony, about the size of a softball. I have been trying to get rid of it for a while since it grows too fast for my small tank. Last night it was completely contracted, and the polyps began to constrict right below their "hands" and break off, distributing themselves throughout the tank.

I had kept the colony on a small rock on the DSB. It had long overgrown the rock ...
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What to do!


55 Gallon Tank
1 Yellow Tang
1 small colony of GSP
1 Colony of Xenia
1 Decorator Crab ( Aren't they cool!)
2 Conch Snails
A few Turbos
1 Green and White Tuxedo Urchin

I just moved my tank from an APT to a townhouse. Due to some bad advise from the LFS I originally purchased a SKILTER ( POS, yes I know ). I would like to get a better skimmer for what ...
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cutting acrylic tank

I want to add a overflow to my acrylic tank and I will have to cut the top, is it safe to do and what would you use to cut it? Thanks in advance for the info
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8 month A. Millepora growth sequence.

Thought I would share my growth pictures of my millepora over the last 8 months since I set up my new tank. You can also check out the progression of the algae as well. It looks like I'm finally over the worst of it! :D

September 2001 - Not positive on the date

November 16, 2001

January 27, 2002

March 31, 2002 ...
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High-Quality Live rock on the Web... Where can I trust?

OK, I am getting away from trying to "make" rock- I am not patient enough to wait for it to become populated.

I am not very excited by the live rock available locally, but I am really concerned about getting live rock ordered in off the web- who can I trust?

Please give me some input on sources that you have been satisfied with. Also, won't shipping be expensive? That stuff is heavy.

I am ...

Charles Delbeek This Friday June 14, 2002

The Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles County is proud to announce that Charles Delbeek will be speaking at its June Meeting. Charles will be speaking on the "Three Year Study of Plenum Activity and its Effects on Nutrient Levels in the Aquarium" and "Keeping Non-Photo Synthetic Soft Corals in the Aquarium".

For More Information go to .
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