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carpet of algae

I have recently niticed a thick mat of algae (or something) growing on the sand on the bottom of my tank. I can litteraly take my hand or a net and peel up this junk. I left it alone at first, thinking water changes, less light, and lighter feedings woudl cure it, but no luck. Anyone have any idea what this stuff it, and how I can get rid of it? Thanks in advance fo ...
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tank weight

I read here, a few days ago, a post conserning tank weight and the strees it does on buidings if kept on 2nd floors and so on. I have a 75 gal on a floor with a basement below it. Do I need to be concerned with this? Also thinking of putting a bigger tank in the finished basement. The basement has a 6 in sub-floor.....would this be a problem?

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Iodine/Iodide and Xenia

Seems like there are different opinions among reef keepers on this issue. I have umbrella xenia, xenia umbellata, which is growing/dividing well. I supplement iodine weekly and wonder if this is truly required. I also know that iodine testing is not the best - most seem to use Salifert but not all seem happy with the kit.
Many references, Delbeek & Sprung - Reef Aquarium Vol. 1, Peterbaugh & Borneman - A Practical Guide to ...
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making water idea, good or bad?

okay, how about this, i purify my tap water and add salt. keep it in an empty 10 gal and with a heater and small pump or airstone for circulation. test it before adding it, but use this for my partial water changes. have a 65g. tank so expect to change about 7 gal a week. what do ya'll think? thanks, damsel
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skin infection from a reef tank?

Has any body gotten a bacterial infection on their hands from a reef tank? (swollen fingers, rash, sore joints)
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Strontium. What does it do for your tank?

What is the purpose of Strontium. I understand the reasoning behind Alkalinity, Calcium, magnesium etc etc. So what does Sr do?

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Tech CB Ca++ additive contains COPPER

Just looked at Kent Marine's web site and found the listing of ions in Part A (Ca++). It says it contains copper.

Has anyone noticed any detrimental effects of using Part A of Tech CB? Why would Kent Marine, a well respected copany, put COPPER in their Ca additive? This doesn't make sense.


Contents: Part A: deionized water containing the following ions:
calcium, chloride, magnesium, strontium, bromide, lithium, rubidium,
nickel, chromium, zinc, ...
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Lights off During Cycling?

When setting up a reef tank, Is it considered necessary practice to leave the lights off in the main tank for X number of weeks?

I understand this being necessary when uncured live rock is used, but my experience when using properly pre cured live rock is that the “cycle” can be very brief, often just a few days.

In my next new tank, I will be using a deep sand bed, an EcoSystem filter, ...
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Does anyone know????

Does anyone know, if there is a fish farm in canada??? i want to order salt water fish etc over the internet...but the shipping is too you know a site off the internet that has a low cost and easy shipping plan...either in canada or the us???

thanks for the help!!!
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Fine sand for reef?

I was just wondering what type of sand to use and what size grain. I've had a tanganyikan cichlid tank before with fine sand and let me tell ya, it's a pain in the butt when u have to do a water change cuz the siphon will lift up the sand as well making it hard to do water change without clogging your sink with sand. So, I see this brand called Aragonite sand that ...
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