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Hi tech power head

Anyone have any experience with these? ... itech.html
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Sandbed sifters for a nano

Anyone have any good ideas for a sandbed cleaner for a 10. Most of the normal ones, cukes or conchs, would be either too big or wouldn't have the available foods due to the small tank size. I have thought about Nass snails, but they are impossible to come by at the LFS and ordering them on-line would be $40 for a pair when you figure in the shipping cost. Any other suggestions? TIA.
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Cycling tank with shrimp?

I may have done something dumb but now I dont know what to think, last week I set up a new tank and tried the dead shrimp method of cycling my tank. Its a 65 gallon with a wet-dry and about 45lbs of lr,I checked today my amonia nitrite and nitrate they were 0,0 and between 5-10 nitrates. Is it posible that it cycled that quick or what? I did not think that was possible.
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eballast smoke and sizzle

Hi all,
I have a 400W eballast running the light on my tank.
This afternooon after it had been running for about 5 hours
it decided to burst and then emit smoke and black specks
all over my living room. At first I thought it was a can of
soda or aerosol which had burst since it sounded exactly
like a pressurized spray. Upon closer inspection I can see
some black sticky "foam" type material ...
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ID on inch long cone snail?

I need some help getting an ID on this little guy:

didn't find anything in HHFaq so i thought i'd post here

jmartin at
motorpsycho on #reefs

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Dang clam died!

I woke up this morning and one of my croceas was a gonner. The clean up crew was busy finishing him off.

I wonder why he died suddenly? He looked fine yesterday.

A large frogspawn did do a nose dive next to him yesterday, but it wasn't that close to him. OK, well maybe a couple of inches, but that frogspawn has always been with 4 or 5 inches of him.

A week ago I ...
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Are corals typically fed by retailers?

Specifically, I have noticed that the tubastrea that I normally see for sale exhibit signs of starvation: deeply cupped, etc. I wondered if it was common practice to feed these corals while they are being held for sale. For that matter, I am wondering about supplemental feeding for photosynthetic corals or live feeding for fish such as frogfish as well.

I suspect that many of these hard, expensive or time consuming to feed animals are ...
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question about new deep sand bed...


i'm setting up a new tank and have a question about the dsb...

1.) i read this article about dsb
and it says that the average sediment sizes should be 0.125 mm
but where can i buy sand like that in the san francisco bay area ?

i looked @ but on there website it says that the sediment sizes is 0.18 to 1.2mm thats way bigger ??
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Found this guy today dragging around my sand bed. I'm thinking Cucumber? This guy okay for the reef? Wouldn't mind keeping it. Might tuen into somthing nice...

About 1/4 inch, green in color, considerably thinner on one end, and appears to have a tentacle of some kind on the thinner end. Looks like he travels by inching similar to a worm.

Horrible pic sorry... Horrible camera ! Thanks for the input...

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Modified power head power draw


Just thought I'd add some info about modifying pumps. I'm sure you already checked out potential problems but I didn't see any comments in the article.

Pumps and motors are designed as a unit with the motor chosen such that its power output matches the power requirements of the pump to which it's coupled. The modification you write about is essentially changing out a pump but still using the same motor. There is a ...
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