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Tap or Ro/Di water for anemones

On page 47 of "Clownfishes" by Joyce Wilkerson she writes:

"In the anemone survey, only 39% of total respondents used tap water as make-up water, but a whopping 83% of the anemones kept alive for 24 months or more were in those tanks. Only 14% of the anemones kept for more than 24 months were in tanks using highly purified water from reverse osmosis (RO), despite those representing 61% of the tanks surveyed. In a ...
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PC lamp pins

Squares ( : : ) or Straights( .... ) - Which should I get??
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what lighting do you reccomend?? HELP>>>

Total watts -Kit description -Cost -RBC
384 -4x96 watt PC’s -370 -200
576 -6x96 watt PC’s -555 -300
640 -4x160watt 72” VHO -400 -140
960 -6x160watt 72” VHO -600 -210
525 -3x175watt MH -558 -270
500 -2x250watt MH -434 -200
750 -3x250watt MH -651 -300
800 -2x400watt MH -502 -220
Actinic supplements(2x72” 160 watt VHO) for MH’s = 200

MHs come with 12KK sunburst
VHOs are with 50/50s and actinics(2/2 or 3/3)
PCs are the ...
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New Corals and a Cucumber with white stuff coming out

Just got a shipment of various sps and other corals from ffexpress and I have to say they all look great. The only problem was that the water in the bottom of the box was about 65F. Also one of the Cuc's had some whit sticky stuff coming out of it's that bad because I know they can release toxins. Also should I put the sps corals on the sand and slowly move them ...

what is my brain doing???

Can you tell me whats happening here?? sorry can't seem to figure out how to post. but if you look in my album at the address below under 220 tank.its the last pic posted
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im looking into maybe trying ordering fish and such online
any good places to look and is this a good or bad thing
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Dolphin Tank Master Series vs. Rio 3100

I have a AquaC 180 and am currently using a mag 7 to run but this pump is to noisy and vibrates the whole sump. I am considerring changing to either a Dolphin or the Rio 3100 ( in sump ) and would like anyone to comment on this topic. Heat, vibration, noise, reliabilitiy are all issues. Any other suggestions such as Eheim
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Psychology of a rebel clam

I have a 2" t.max in a small reef tank lit by a 250w 10K mh pendant. The tank turns 20 times per hour. This little t.max is as happy as a you-know-what as long as the lights are on, but once the lights go out, it leaps from wherever it currently is and goes a'wandering. It does so within an hour after lights out. It does this whether it is originally placed on the ...
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Indiana Coral Club Meeting & Frag/Coral Swap June 2

The Indiana Coral Club's next meeting is June 2 @ 12:00 noon CDT. Everyone is welcome to attend. The meeting will feature a how-to presentation on building rock platforms, a question and answer session, and a frag and coral swap. For more information visit the Clubs website at
If you live in the area and want to join the club, visit the homepage and join. Membership is free!. ...


Anyone have any info on using rain water as opposed to any filtered water for water changes and topoffs?
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