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green carpet dying

i need some suggestions for all of you keepers of carpet anemone. i have had a carpet for about 3 months and it was doing awesome until this week when it decided it wanted to die. i checked the water quality and everything checked good. salinity good. and have done several small water changes. i have a 125gal with 660w of new VHO bulbs. 2 super actinic and 2 aquasun. i have about 180# of ...
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red saddleback clown

I saw one the other day at the LFS and WOW!!! was it colorfull! The most brillant orange I'd seen so far in a fish! Does anyone have one? if so can you tell me all about it? thanks Lynn
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Purple tang delivered with ich

Got a Purple tang from an internet wholesaler with ich today. He said that was normal for them to come with ich in that they get stressed during shipment. Is this really an expectation we should have. Hey, I would understand if it came down with it in a day or 2 but during shipping????? Doesnt it take a couple days for ich to develop???
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So proud of myself

(also posted on the DYI section)

I figured out how to turn an inexpensive heat controller into a cooloing controller for my fans.
I purchased a heat controller from one of the reptile online shops(they sell for an average of about 25 bucks). They come complete with a probe, tho you have to silicone it where the probe ends onto the wires to make it water proof. It has a dial to set the temp ...
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Is this a rose anenome?

I bought this from an online livestock supplier as a rose anenome about 3 years ago. It has grown from 3" across to over 18" across. It has never divided and I have never seen any bubble tips under any lighting conditions. It has survived several tank disasters which have killed almost everything in the tank (including being exposed to air for 6 hours)Seeing recent threads and pictures of rose anenomies makes me wonder if ...
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Do you know where R and B cuke went away?

where did red-black cucumber go away???
Let me know where the red and black cucumber disappeared since last week.
He had been lived quite well for 11 months, but recently he was getting along on the wall without shift.
I wonder if he will be back soon.
Whate if he was dead??

images/smiles/icon_rolleyes.gif images/smiles/icon_rolleyes.gif images/smiles/icon_rolleyes.gif
*parameters - ph 8.0-8.3/ ca 350-400/ dkh 8-10/sw 1.025/temp 75-85
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Lighting suggestions


I currently have 2 96w pc's on my 40 gallon tank in a diy hood. I've had good experience in the past keeping softies. I'm thinking about adding a mh bulb to the setup so I could try keeping hard corals. Please give me some suggestions on what I can do and the best place to get a good mh kit. I was thinking of just adding 1 150w mh light. Also, could I ...
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Can anyone tell me what this is growing in my tank?

I have these white globs growing on the back glass and now its showing up on the overflow. Anyone know what this is?


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Light Timers & Power Strips??

I am looking for power strips and timers for my reef tank. Some the products (especially timers) that I find at the local home improvement stores say not for aquarium use. I haven’t been able to find these items on the various web sites that I use for other equipment.

Do the items marked “not for aquarium use” provide good service? Can anyone direct me to a source for good quality electrical components that will ...
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Banggai babies

My Banggai had his first set of fry on April 4th. He had 9 babies of which I have six left. I set up a 20 gallon refugium tank that they are in. The parents quickly went back at it and I will have another batch any day now. My question is can I put both batches together or is this a problem. I see feeding as the only issue right now. I am still ...
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