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Cuttle Fish

Does anyone know where i can purchase cuttle fish? i never see it at LFS and was wondering who carries it and what is the care for theses guys?
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Tampa Bay Reef Club Meeting Announcement

The next meeting is going to be next saturday, April 13th at 2:00pm. Unless someone else wants to host it, it will be at my apartment. I will have sodas and some snacks. Just a suggestion, but if everyone wants to, you can bring bathing suits and we can go down to the pool.

There are two main things I would like to discuss at the meeting.
First is the website. The site is ...
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emerald crabs, good or bad?

ive read emerald crabs could be a threat to small fish, how small is small? the smallest fish id have in my tank would be a firefish. would turbo snails or feather dusters be in danger from a emerald crab?
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How long do Icecaps last?

I have an Icecap 440 ballast that I think died. I've gone over all the connections and can't find anything amiss. The ballast is about 6 years old. Is this old for an Icecap? Can they be repaired?

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Feather Duster Help

Want to add a Feather Duster. Opinions on Atlantic or Hawaian??

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Effect on ionic balance of adding Kalk directly to sea water

Hello, enough lurking, now time for a question.

I was wondering what the effects of dissolving kalk directly (to saturation) into a bucket of sea water would be. would this deplete the alkalinity? magnesium etc.

My point is, I do not get much evap on my tank (100G), approc 0.5 G/day and so am having trouble getting enough kalk in. I was thinking that what I could do is siphon 5 gals of aquarium water ...

Mate for a French Angel in 108 Gallon


I am looking for a tank mate for my French Angel, I recently lost the Yellow Tang that was with him. Any suggestions ?? I am looking for something a little different, maybe a butterfly of some kind.

Opinions are welcomed !

Barry images/smiles/icon_cool.gif
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grain size - did i make a mistake?

I just ordered the Aragamax Oolitic Select Sand (0.5-1.02 mm grain size) from marinedepot. It will arrive today. I ordered it to use as a DSB for my new refugium tank which holds about 15 gallons.

However, I just read Dr. Ron's article on DSB's and he says, "Most sediment-dwelling organisms appear to have similar precise preferences. However, most will also live at least marginally well in mixed-sediments with sizes around their optima, and most ...
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sump as a refugium

Cant I just put some aragonite and a bit of rock right in my sump and call that a refugium?? I could put a light on it too? Whats the difference??thanks guys Lynn
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Also my PH is only registering 7.8 or 9 (ph monitor) why is it so low? In my little 20 I used the same water exactly and its always a tad on the high side 8.4??? how come?
thanks LYnn
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