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Yaaay no crash

I have been away for a long time and put everything on auto topoff, turned off the skimmer and put the autofeeder into overdrive and I had no fatalities in over a month. Although my little hammer does not look too good I would call that pretty lucky.

Guess I will do a water change and keep on keepin on
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12K-20K Halide More Blue/Bio Luminescence?

Is it true that the newer higher Kelvin halide bulbs (12K, 14K, 20K) have a much more noticable blue hue to the eye, providing for the bio luminescence of many corals without additional actinic lighting sources?

I really like the broken light/rippling water lighting effect that halides give over a reef tank, but am also hooked on the more garish colors that a little actinic gives a tank...

These new higher Kelvin halides sound like ...
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4x55W PC's

Hi guys,

I am new here but learning a great deal everyday.

I recently converted my freshwater tank to a reef and need a bit of advice.

I have a 55g with a 7g. CPR sump system/skimmer.(CY192)
I have approximately 70 pounds or so of Cured Live Fiji and Tonga bought from my LFS' well established 180 reef.

I bought a 4x55w PC hood and put it over my tank. It has 2x55w 12k actinic ...
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KOKO Worms

I've had 2 now for @5 months but unlike other dusters they have laid down no new shell.They are quite large so I was wondering if thay were fully grown or they grow when they feel like it,both are out regulary?
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Anyone have some Oomed for sale?

I really want to get my hands on some.
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squamosa placement?

:D where is the best place to place a t.squamosa mine keeps moving around and i was wondering if it looking for more light ? Als o its in a gentle current but his siphon gets blown around a bit is this ok?......thanks
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Help-is it safe?

Hi FunSeekers.
I've got something in my wifes tank that not only can I not identify but I have never seen before!! I was taking a couple of pics for my wifes friend and after I E-mailed them, I went back to preview them for my self. In the pic i was looking at something was looking back at me from a little cave. I was quite shocked as I had "never" seen this ?? ...
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Need house electrical-wiring help. Keep blowing cir breaker

If moving the tank wasn't hard enough, now I have found that this small old house is not going to handle the tank, TV, stereo and wall AC unit that are all in the family room. The circuit is on a 15 amp breaker and when we turn on the ac with the tank set up, it blows it of course. Moving the ac unit to another room is not possible, and I may use ...

air bubbles

I am in the process of setting up my 120 gallon tank. I have a All Glass with corner overflows going into a Ecosystem. I the water is driven by a 1200gph pump plumbed outside the sump. My problem during testing is micro bubbles clouding the water. I know some bubbles are good but this seems to be too much. Salt has been added specific gravity 1.020. No livestock yet.
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Something Eating My Acros

Today I came home and noticed one of my Acro frags was knocked over against a rock. No big deal, another clumsy hermit. I reached in to right the coral and notice it moving. Upon closer inspection, I noticed two claws (similar in shape to that of a CB shrimp) coming from a hole in my live rock pulling away some of the acro's flesh. Well this explains the loss of 2 other piece of ...
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