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Xenia. Is this normal?

I have an established tank with all corals flourishing. I just added a xenia frag and it has been doing well for the last 3 days. This morning it was knotted up and has stayed this way all day. I can't think of any thing different in the environment. I also don't have any predatory fish (but I will inspect it for critters!). Therefore, is this normal and if so how long should they stay ...
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Hard plumb or soft plumb? This in not a sex question!!!

Which way do most of you go for a larger tank?? My **** hose came off for the LAST time on my skimmer with tubing. LOTS of water comes out of a MAG 18 (DUH!!!), all over your floor. I am at least going to hard plumb that. How do you guys keep your hoses on the barbed fittings?? I see most guys using those. Are there special clamps that arent steel??
Only problem I ...

Who's actually had something eat Valonia?

Subject says it all. Anyone actually own any organism that effectively controls Valonia (bubble algae)?
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FOWLR new tank questions

hi i have had a reef tank going for about 2 years now, and i am actually thinking about setting up a second fish only tank. i was thinking more of a predator tank, but not sharks which will out grow a tank. I have a 110 gallon tank(tall) without an overflow. i was thinking of getting about 50 lb of lr and 50 of dead rock and a skimmer. i was thinking about a ...
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ID on LR Hitch's

Hi all,

recently in my 40gal invert tank I've noticed quite a few unknown additions.

The tanks been up and running almost a year now and have spotted anthipods / bristle worms etc.

In the last week I have spotted a spagetti worm, copepods and a few other creatures.

1st is very much like aptasia however doesn't have as many tentacles. most tentacles are short and brown with about 5 slightly longer white tentacles tapering ...
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help a daddy in need get his dream


I am in need on some advice on how to put a 120 reef tank together.I have the tank.But I also have a little girl with down syndrome/Our insurance seems to think we dont need any help with her bills
So I can afford to go right out and spend a huge amount of money all at once for live rock and sand and lights.Is there any way I can set up my tank ...
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Pesticides and Reef Tanks

The various ants, insects and bugs are getting too numerous in my office. There are demands for a fumigator 8O But there are two reef tanks, and I'm very concerned. I'm assuming the fumes would be a VERY BAD THING for the tanks. One company claims to use some kind of gel in lieu of spraying ???? Any suggestions? Any chemicals/pesticides that might be OK with a ...
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Just thought of a problem =(

I just realized that the 230 gallon glass tank i ordered to be custom made is going to have a 3/4" return line but there will be 1700GPH flowing through it! (Mag 18). Is this too much flow for a 3/4" hole? Is it going to shoot out too hard? What should i do now? Tee it off and just hang another line in through the top?
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Is this stand strong enough?

I have a 200 gallon RR. I know, I know, another dumb question from me!!! Ok the stand is basically made with 2X4's. The past owner used this stand with no problems. BUT the back 2X4 that runs parallel to floor has no center brace. It runs the entire length of the tank.
There isnt any center support either, that would attach to keep the front and back from bowing. Also no floor. Would you ...
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How many GPH in a 200 Gall RR?

I am considering buying a new pump for my 200 oceanic RR. How much is too much? What pump would you buy? How much can a tank like this handle? I have 2 1 inch drains and 2- 3/4 returns. I was thinking about an ampmaster 2700, but was concerned because it said if you dont use 1.5 inch returns you would lose 40%. They have a 1 to 6 converter you can buy with ...
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