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Stumped w/ PH problem

I have a 125g tank that I have had up and running for ~ 6 months now and I now have a PH problem that I cannot seem to overcome. My PH climbs to 8.3 by the end of the day (if dosed w/ Kalkwasser in the morning, w/o Kalk it only climbs to 8.2) and over night it drops to 8.0 (and below this if not dosed w/ Kalk in the morning). I am ...
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Can someone get me URI's address and phone number?

I've tried searching on the web, and looked on my bulbs, but cannot find the company's address and phone number.

Thanks in advance.



Crab Question

I took a trip to Corpus Christi last month and while there I picked up a few crabs from the rocks on the shore. I thought they were interesting and thoght they would make nice additions to my critter tank I have set up (no coral only worms, condys, crabs etc...).
What drew me to this conclusion, was that the crabs had no claws. Instead, they had large hand shaped fans on the end of ...
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VHO bulbs

I am planning on purchasing an ICE CAP 660 retro system with 4-36" bulbs. I know that 2 of the bulbs will be Actinic, but how should I know what color the other 2 bulbs should be? Actinic-White or Aqua Sun????? Does any one have any idea. My tank is a 65g and dimensions are 36L x 18W x 23H.
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Can't Miss LFS's in Miami area?

I'll be driving from Key West to Fort Myers Saturday and wonder if I'll be passing by any good LFS's along the way.

Please tell the best LFS's that may be in close proximity to the turnpike.

Thanks SFL reefers!

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I'm happy! My 6 Nerite, 6 Strombus, 6 Cerith, 6 Micro Hermits, 6 Sand Bed Clams, Anthelia, Wondermud, Live Sand Activator and Reef Amphipods all arrived alive on Friday. They are all very busy, none have died, and algae is disappearing. Funny, two sandbed clams tunneled in within 3 hours of release, the other four took 24 hours. The Live Sand Activator and wondermud had a lot more life than I expected.
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Pistol and Cleaner

I wanted to know if a pistol and cleaner shrimp will be able to live in the same tank I have a 29 reef 49lbs LR DSB , Skimmer ect..

Any info would be great

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Need advice on sandbed "stirrers"

I have just set up a new reef and for the first time i have used a very fine deep sand bed. I was wondering what type of starfish, crabs, snails, and fish are the best for strring the sand bed. I know enought to know that goby's and starfish are very popular, but are certain species better.

Any other advice....

Thanks, Andy
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I'm looking to buy a calcium reactor, but don't know much about the brands(good or bad). I was hoping, some of you could fill me in on what the good brands are, and where to buy one on-line. Thanks for any help. BILL :D
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Flat worms

I have a really nice fox coral that I think has to many flat worms on it, the coral looks very healthy at this time but I would like to do something about the worms before they do something to my coral, I do not know if they are harmful but if they are I would like to get them off of the coral, so that leads up to my ?, how do you go ...
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