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Trip to the Bahamas!!!! :D

My girlfriend won a trip to the Bahamas today! images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif We will be going the first part of June. I plan on doing some diving while Im there and I was wondering if anyone has any experience in those waters. Where can I find "underwater" laws for those parts. Im not sure but Im guessing theyre protected waters. If possible I want to bring back a couple pieces of LR.

Any other helpful advice for ...
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Goby dying--Any idea what's wrong?

My orange spotted goby is lying on the bottom of the tank (now in the quarantine tank) breathing hard. He's darker than usual and has dark rings around his eyes. There are no obvious abrasions or diseases, and all water parameters are fine. Tank has been up for three months and I've had him for a month. Tank specs:
46gal, Nitrite 0, Ammonia 0, Salinity 1/024, Temp 80, pH 8.1, calcium 480. Everything else in ...
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RO for the impoverished

Can anyone recommend a decent RO unit for a reasonable price? No one in my neck of the woods knows diddly about them. In fact, the LFS I deal with doesn't even recommend their use. He claims RO isn't necessary for our local water.
I have been getting by fairly well with regular tap water for about a year now, but I think I'd see even happier corals with RO or RO/DI. Besides, God only ...
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ATTN DC Reefers

The Washington Area Marine Aquarium Society will be holding it's Spring Meeting this Saturday at 2:00. Our Special Guest Speaker will be Eric Borneman, giving a talk on Coral Nutrition and Feeding.

See for details.

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What is this?

Ok.... The last couple of days i noticed that my sand is getting some brownish greenish color to it, is this algea??
I took my white sandsifting starfish back to the LFS, beacuse i think he was eating all the life out of my sand bed, but since he has been gone i really dont have a sandsiffter that would probably fix the problem...i have Astrea snails and Margarita snails but they dont seem to ...
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RO in Freshwater Tank

Is it O.K. to use RO H20 as replacement H20 after a water change in a freshwater tank? Do I have to add anything to it to buffer the pH etc...?

Thanks in Advance! images/smiles/icon_razz.gif
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Online Hosting

A friend of mine said some of you are looking for web design-hosting. If I can be of assistance I will give all members a discount. E-mail me
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Anemone Experts: Lights for BTA


Please excuse the redundancy of this post for some, but did a search and didn't quite get the answers I was looking for... Anyway, would like to ask the anemone "experts" out there for advice.

I have a 55gal. FOWLR, 6" DSB, 50# LR. Dimensions of tank are 48"x21"x12" and would like to get an anemone for my P. biaculatus. Question is: what lighting should I buy first? Presently only have 2 40w NO ...
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Question - possible die off / after re-arranging rocks


I know this may be a vague question, but I was wondering if I'm in for a mini cycle after re-arranging some rocks last night.

I had to remove my flame angle last night. I've tried to catch the SOB for over 3 months with no luck. He took a liking to my Elegance and nearly killed it. So - I had to remove him/her.

Since I couldn't catch it (barbless hook, trap, food ...

Hang on calcium reactor

Does such an item exist?
I'm in the process of building a new system, and would like to be completely sumpless.
A hang on calcium reactor would be awsome!
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