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Why don't retailers stock refugium critters?

Seems like many of us hobbyists are spending a lot of money shipping small crustaceans from online retailers. Why don't any of the retailers stock live mysid, copepods, amphipods and such? I'm sure a few do but I've never seen a single LFS do so.

Seems like it would be a profitable product as the space requirements would be small, they breed like crazy, and folks are willing to pay quite a bit considering the ...
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pyramidellidae snail?

Is this a pyramidellidae snail? It doesn't seem to be as elongated as the pic's that I have is very small,moves quick,seems to live in the sandbed,so far it acts like a detrivore, I haven't seen it attack anything yet.Image
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Back in the game...

First I want to say this site is very nice and Useful..!

About me.
I had a Salt fish tank about 3 years ago, basic 29 gal High tank with a 10 Gal sump tank. (Used a Hang-on) I had a Fluval (sp) canister filter and a Whisper Hang on Filter in the 10 Gallon tank as well as that is where the Heater was In the Main tank I had one power head to ...
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Chiller users

Would you mind telling me what controller you use and what kind of temp swing you have with it. I use a Medusa controller and so far have not been very happy with it. The temp swings is almost 2 degrees evey two hours. The instructions say it should be one dregree. It goes up about 2 degrees in 1.5 hours and the chiller drops it 2 dgrees in about .5 hours.

I have another ...
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Shipping Xenia

I've got a plethera of red sea xenia. It's really nice stuff, but I'd like to pass my blessing :rolleyes: on to others. Now, I've only tried to ship xenia once and it didn't work out, but I want to come up with a method to do it.

So what's my point? Do I even have one? Why do I keep going on and on? I'm not sure, but keep reading. :p

First, I'd like ...
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LR, Coral and Algae question

This is kinda a 3 part question. But since i'm new to the marine section of fishtanks I thought I better ask before i have a major mishap. To start off here's my tank specs. 55g with a 90lbs of sugar sized aragamax sand and 12lbs of arag-alive (which i don't think is worth crap, but like i said, i'm not that experanced). got about 140lbs of carib sea reef rock, 1.5lbs of marshell is. ...
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lieutenant tang ?

Question edited...
***My lfs has a A. teneti(sic) common name lieutenant tang, my lfs had a pic of it in one of there older fish guides,still havent found any info on it on the net,its a subdued blue/gray fish w/ a very small black "c" shape marking about a 1/4"in size behind the gills,light blue/white tip on the tail and dark blue spot in front of tail fin.
Any one know anything of theses???
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Lil slug looking thing

Dont have a pic, but looks like a sea slug but has a hard shell over his head w/ two antenae sticking out.kind of brownish w/tan/white specks.abot an inch long
any ideas
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What exactly is the difference
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So what do you think of my tank? Pictures included.

So I have been into the reefkeeping hobby for quite awhile now, and as in my other message posted here I have to get out of the hobby for the moment. Before I did I wanted to see what you thought of my tank/corals. There are a lot of fish in the tank too, but I was focusing on the corals, and the fish hid. The pictures are at the following url:




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