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Montipora Growth Rate PICS!

Here are 2 pics each 1 from 1 month, 1 week ago and the other from yesterday. Just was lookin at them both and had to share.
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help my skimmer broke.

Well I broke my skimmer today. I have a CPR Back Pac and I was cleaning it and putting it together when I tightened the intake tubs so tight they snapped. I called CPR and I am getting the pieces shipped over. However I now am left with a reef tank with no skimmer. My tank is a 40 breeder with live rock live sand some soft leathers and one sps. my fish include two ...
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green star polyp question

My green star polyps seem to be curling, They are closer to the top of the tank than previously, all I can think of is the MH's are doing it. 175wt x2.
Any Ideas? all parameters an other inverts fine.
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C-Balance query

My C-Balance bottle claims it "replenishes calcium and alkalinity .............and acheives a balanced ionic residual with the composition of natural sea water." I prefer to keep my alk. well above 3.0 meq.l. Can I adjust the dosing amounts of one par to meet my needs?
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Overdriving electronic ballasts...any long term feedback

A couple of months ago I picked up the thread on overdriving T-8 bulbs
with a 4-way electronic ballast. I tried it and it works as advertised.
My question is....Has anybody been doing this for a long period of time, and can they give any feedback on the results? :?:

Sump Building Question... how many GPH?

I am currently building my first sump. I have been running a 75 gal since December without a sump and I finally decided to build one now that I have combined two tanks into one.

My question is, how much flow should I be shooting for? How many times per hour should I be turning over the water?
I have heard it should be three times per hour, but I suppose this will vary with ...
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hard plumbing

Which is better hard pipe or soft tubing for overflow and return plumbing for under tank in stand sump?
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POLL:What test kits do you use? How would you rate easeofuse

A thread below triggered something I had meant to post once before, in the discussion of a Chemist who could not use the I2 test kit. I personally find my Sera Ca test kit to be a PITA and would like to know if others are more accurate or easier to use.

I have a Doc Wellness LFS kit that has:

These are the Standard "crushapillinatesttubeandshakeitupandlookatachart" tests. I would say these ...

FO to reef...Questions...

I have been running a FO tank for the past 3yrs 72 BOW. I have ordered a 110 which should arrive in 4-6 weeks. I want to remove all fish from tank and gravel to prepare this tank to cure live rock. Do I need to be concerned due to fact that this tank has seen meds. and copper treatmeats 1-2 yrs ago? Or can i just
drain tank and gravel and pull existing biobale ...
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Yellow Tang

Would like to have one, but would he be happy in a 75 with a pygmy angel and 2 clowns? If not, any suggestions.
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