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got my live rock,how much will live??

just got my live rock from gulfview,there is so much stuff on it I was just wondering how much of it will make it through my tank cycling.So far i've seen a lot of small corals,sponges,2 anenomones,100's of starfish,crabs,worms,shrimp,snails,featherduster worms,and some large clams or mussels?.All is alive and kicking for now in my tank.I ordered 100 lbs of rock and 20 lbs of sand and was surprised how much stuff would be on it not ...
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Help with skimmer modification

I have a 5ft tall X 6inch diameter counter-current skimmer that is driven by air through limewood. I'm getting tired of periodic limewood replacement.

Have anyone modified their skimmer to operate on air injection via a venturi?
How do I diy a venturi?

Thanks in advance.

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HARDIEST corals?

Well, I have a white bubble coral that's tough as nails. So I got a MUCH larger green bubble, was careful to acclimate it, and now it looks dead.


Sometimes this hobby kinda sucks. I really, really hate losing animals.

My white bubble has even grown since the green was introduced.

And yes, my green bubble was kept at a safe distance from all other corals. ...
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Feeding frozen??

I always make sure my frozen cubes are thawed out completely. Does anyone here just through them in still frozen?
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Anybody seen a florescent green sarcophyton?

I got this from Scientific Corals...

Unfortunately, they are out of business and I would like to replace it; but haven't seen em around... Anybody?
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Overflow Weir Calculations - HELP

I'm designing my own nano tank and I want to use an Eheim 1250 as my main recirculation pump. The pump is rated at ~317 gph (I don't know at what head - I'm assuming at 0ft) and has a shut off head of 79". I've estimated that the flow from the pump through the piping, etc will be around 250 gph.

* I need to design an overflow weir sized so that it can ...
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X10 Lamp Module for Moonlight- lunar phase

Has anyone ever programmed a X10 LM465 so that it can simulate the correct lunar cycle for dimming incandescent lights using the X10 Active Home kit. It looks like it can be done, but it would be a real pain to do this right. If you have done this, is there any way you could reply to this thread and possibly send me your macro?

Please reply and thanks,

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Hairy crab

I have seen a crab that looks like a fat little tarantula in one of my new pieces of rock. He is dark gray or black and about 1.5" across. He looks like an Emerald crab with long black fur. My first impulse is to kill him or stick him in the overflow box.
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180 owners lets see em.

I am possibly getting a 180 soon and would like to see some pics of tanks, stands, and canopys. It is used and the stand needs some work and I would like to get some ideas.
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Green star polyp glue

I've read about people using superglue to glue sheets of GSP's on the back glass. My question is can you just use regular superglue? If so, will it work if gluing over coralline? I want to glue them to my standpipe which is covered in coralline. Do you just apply the glue to the back of the mat and then put it in place? How long does it take the glue to dry?

Appreciate the ...
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