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check out for ricordias and other corals

Hi ppl,

I'm new to this board but not to the hobby. I know a lot of people who loves ricordias and other various corals. Just want to tell you guys about Ecorals. I just bought from them FOUR different kinds of ricordia floridas. They are just breathtaking. The colors I got from Shaun( the owner) were sky blue, pink, blue, and pink/purple. I just ordered two more orange ricordias today because I know how ...

lfs and live sand

Is this live sand that you can buy at the lfs that is prepackaged any good. The bag says the shelf life is one year. Can anything really be living after a month even in a bag of sand with a little water?
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Anchoring Kenya offsprings

How best to anchor the offsprings of a Kenya. I have 5 small pieces that were dropped off the main kenya. Is using toothpicks a good way or glue??/ They are now in a corner of my 180g reef rank
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Need Overflow Help

I just upgraded to a 60 gallon with a built-in overflow. It's current set up is taht the overflow empties into a 20 gallon tank, which I am currently transforming into a refugium. I'm using a Sedra 500 to pump the water from the 20 back into the main tank.
The problem I'm having is that the water dripping into the overflow is making a lot of noise and as this tank is in my ...
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The WAMAS Summer Meeting! (VA, MD, DC, WV, PA)


The Summer Meeting of The Washington Area Marine Aquarist Society (WAMAS) will be on July 20th from 2-5p.m. in Rockville, MD.

This meeting will focus on coral propagating with special guest speaker Anthony Calfo (author of The Book of Coral Propagation - Reef Gardening for Aquarists), and will feature a hands on propagation workshop with Mr. Calfo and Dr. Mac (of Dr. Mac & Son's Corals)

Along with a great raffle and Dr. Mac's ...
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sick yellowtang

I have a 55gallon tank. Umm my tang is very underfed skin and bones. I know my fault. Just started putting algea stuff and brine shrimp in the other day but he does not seem to be attempting to eat it. Is there anything that i can do. I aslo have 2 false pecula they are fine they where eating the flakes(they tend to get the food before it leaves the top). But i see ...
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Need advice on new FO tank

I am going to be starting a fish only tank, and was wondering what are the best decorations for the tank. I have done a couple reef tank with live rock, but do not want to do that on this tank. I will use a trickle filter, but need decorations. What would you use. Thanks
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LR in sump?

Im keeping a pretty big chunk of LR in sump for fragging a few corals... I dont plan on using that piece in the tank ever... Should I just put it away in a zip-lock somewhere or leave it in the sump?
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reator media

How often should I change the media in my CA reator? Do I just top it off or get rid of the what remains and use all new media?
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blue linckia chow

I added a blue lincka star to my refugium a couple of months ago and I am curious to know if anyone has any insight into what they eat. I have read the most recent articles and I have read past posts on this topic but I'm looking for anecdotal evidence.

In my refugium I have no rock. The 'fuge is a year and a half old and I do not clean the glass so ...
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