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electronic ballast Vs. GFI?


so i've got this 2x96watt PC retro setup from CSL (though Champion Lighting).

it's cool. 2 of the combo-bulbs, a nice looking ballast that doesn't get more than warm.

worked just fine when i tested it out.

so, i mount this thing in the hood, tank full of fresh water (testing-time..)

one of the lights pops the GFI. then the other light pops the GFI.

so, i pull the grounding probe outta the tank... ...
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What exactly is a refugium and what do people use them for? images/smiles/icon_confused.gif
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I'm ;ooking to buy an open brain coral and a couple of feather dusters. What would be the proper way to acclimate these guys. Thanks for advice!!!!!
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maroon clown won't let my bubble tip anenome get settled

last friday i put a bubble tip anenome in my 55 gallon reef tank, and my maroon clown that i've had for about 1.5 years took to the anenome the same day. the anenome doesn't seem to like all the attention, and stays closed up if he can. when the clown comes back around he forces the anenome to open back up. at night the clown sleeps enclosed in the anenome. you can't see him ...

nitrite in resin filter?

does anybody have an idea why water enters my resin/ion exchange with 0 nitrites( 0 nitrites in the tap water)and exits the purified(supposedly)side of the canister with .75ppm
I was wondering why after numerous water changes I was still detecting nitrites in the I know...the water I added had a higher level of nitrites than the tank did
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Lighting Opinions / Rock growth questions

I have a cycled 37 gallon tank running for about 6 weeks.

30 lbs LR (3 big pieces)
4 inch sand bed (seeded with bio-active sand and 4 pounds of LS)
Pair on clowns
Snails and a few crabs

I have been using Spectra-Vital and have noticed a lot of growth in the last 3 weeks - Whether this helped or not, I don't know.

My lighting is a 20 watt NO bulb for 12 ...
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Peppermint Shrimp

My peppermint did a great job removing my aptasia. Just wondering now that most of those pests seem to be gone, do I need to / how should I feed my new shrimp?? As I would like to keep him away from munching things without my permision. images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif
I would also like to see him a little more active, moving around. He has found a really nice hiding spot, and doesn't not come out very ...
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Where did you mount your RO/DI ???

I mounted mine in my laundry room. That way it was out of the way, I can run the waste into the washing machine drain, and can take the waste line out to fill up my water pitcher. It is also easy to get to when I need to change any of the filters. Another advantage of mounting it in the laundry room, is I used a Y adapter, with valves on both outputs, from ...
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frustrated an disgusted--algae

I'm getting pretty close to desperate again.....I can't figure out what my problem is. I NEVER had an algae problem in my 55. Upgraded to a 125 last June and it is a never ending battle. I use distilled water. It seems to grow where the water flow is best!. I use a Sea Swirl and 2 powerheads. I have sump with caulerpa, tho I have to say the growth is not great (7/24 triton ...
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400 watt Aqualine 10k

Has any one burned the Aqualine-Buschke 400 watt 10k bulb....if so could you give me some feedback on coloration of bulb etc.
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