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Would it be possible to use two kent aquadosers for top off, one for calk and one for buffer? This is assuming I should not mix buffer and calc together in the same container.
Also how do the aquadoser work? Is it just a drip feed? Would I be better off building one myself?
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Will RO water be ok for a FOWLR tank?

My place has a RO filter. Will this be ok? I will have a 65gal FOWLR tank. I live at home, so I don't think I can start changing all kinds of stuff. If it won't work at all is there any types of DI filters that I can purchase that I can easily take on and off (to use only when I'm getting water for my tank) and if there are which type do ...
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Diatoms and Lighting.

I have had a bad outbreak of this brown stuff on my sand surface for the last two weeks, and no matter what i do it comes back as soon as i clean it off, all my water parameters are excellent even my Phosphates! Could this brown crap be caused by my lighting?
I have a 2x65 CSL 1 10000K Ultra Daylight, and 1 Ulta Actinic, on a 30 gallon tank, i have some Astreas ...
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Hot-1 pump?

What pump do you use with the Precision Marine Hot-1 hang on skimmer? It seems like this would be the best skimmer under $200 for a 40 - 55 gal reef, what do you think? Do you like it better than the AquaC Remora?
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Heart Broken

Well I lost my tank last week. Came home early for my little girls fifth birthday, went to say high to the tank and notices that every one of my SPS had turned to bright white calcareous skeletons. Well needless to say I went into DEFCON 5 emergency mode: 35gal water change hooked up extra skimmer, light out (all but 96w of 03 PC). Go into questioning mode 1) Kids, 2) Wife, 3) Myself. Well ...
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Difference between Hair Algae and Macro Algae??

Just bought a few pieces of rock. Some have patches of green. Not sure is its hair algae or some kind of macro. Any thoughts?? Sorry, I dont have pics.
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Should I change the water?

I have 2 coral tank. One is 5ftx2.5ftx2.5ft and another is 18"x18"x18". The 5ft tank have been runing for more then a year and the 18" have not more then a month old. Both of them using Nitrate reductor and mineral are added regularly. The nitrate are less then 10ppm but I have not change to water before. The coral still doing well. And for the 5ft tank.. it have grow as well... i think.. ...
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Show me ...Hexagon Reefs

Well I am getting rid of my 180 , but dont want to get out of the hobby so I was thinking of setting up a hexagon reef , lit by a single MH.

Does anyone have one that they would like to show off???

I would like to see some to give me some hope that it can be done
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Wild collected Snails from Corpus Christi ( sort of long)

I just returned from a trip to South Padre and Port Aransas Near Corpus. While there, the wind was a steady 30 knots and the surf was high.It had blown a Man-of-War ashore every ten feet. Plus there was TONS of cueleurpa (or something) covering the beach, so I decided that instead of swimming, I would drive to the Jetty in Port Aransas and search the rocks for critters.
What I found was amazing. Living ...




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