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Beckett injector

Ok I would post in the DIY but there seems to be some sort of "Internal Server Error"

So I will ask here.

I am in the middle of a skimmer project based on the ETS 800 Gemini. Along with several personal modifications I will be using two Beckett foam jets for injectors, on seperate injector tubes falling 23" into the mixing tower.

Though I have found several DIY plans for Beckett based skimmers, they ...
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Power Compact Bulb life!!!

I have 8 96 watt PC's and would like to here from everyone what the consensus is about their lifespan. I have had my operational for 18 months. They run about 8hrs. per day. What are your thoughts?


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Anybody Using An ETS 1000?

If so, please email me. Fine-tuning and would like to ask a few questions.


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My ORP Hurts

Cannot seem to get my ORP above 300, hovers around 280.....bugs the hell outta me but not sure if this is really a problem.

My parameters are spot on, 0/0/<10 and have been for months. pH 8.2, temp 79. Nothing dying or dead, corals thriving. This particular reef is a 200 gal, up 5 months, so some rock still not mature. Pretty good bioload. ETS 1000 running 24/7, normal output of skimmate. Water changes 30% ...
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How do you feel about using acrylic tanks for a reef?

I'm curious to know how many people actually keep their reef in an acrylic tank? By reef, I mean, mainly corals with live rocks and sand.
I have a really nice setup but I've thought about selling it because it's acrylic. Do they all warp? Mine kinda does on the top and kinda bows out a bit on the sides. I've been keeping freshwater fish (discus) in it without any problems, but I'd like to ...
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How high are your MH's?

How high above the waterline do you place your MH lights? What wattage? Problems with water, fish hitting the bulbs?
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Outlet Revelation....

Just realized, as I get closer to adding water to my tank, that I will be in need of around 15 outlets. WOW!

How many outlets does your system require and what outlet strips and type strips are you using?

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12000 kelvin MH's

Does anyone use 12k bulb(s)? If you do please tell me how many bulb(s) and what size tank? If you are using supplemental atinic bulb(s) and how many is the watt ballast. Any information would be helpful. I'm quandaring the purchase of the 12k bulb found on the Aquatic Lighting Systems page ( They claim that it will obviate atinic supplemental lighting.

[This message has been edited by keiretsu ...
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Oceanic vs. All Glass Aquariums

Hi All.

I have used both All Glass and Oceanic Aquariums in the past. I am planning a 180 gallon reef and would like to hear opinions about these two tank brands, specifically regarding their Large predrilled “Reef Ready” tanks.


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Im going to be adding some powerheads for water movement in my 90gl reef soon. No corals in tank yet, soon to be though.

Im going to add 3 maxijet 1200's. SOund good?
No wave maker planed yet, in future Ill add one.

So does that sound good?
Eric_H (#reefs)
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