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Moving, getting new tank, Which skimmer to use?

Finally getting a house with room for a bigger tank. I am getting a 48x24x24 reef ready. I have not been on this board in a long time, and was wondering what the top skimmers are these days. Is the euroreef still one of the choice models? I couldn't find anything when I did search.

Thanks! :D
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Coupon Code for HelloLights purchase of over 150.00 Please?

I am making my upgrade to vho and getting ready to do the Mh upgrade.

I need to find a coupon code for AKA lampsnow.

My first purchase is 170+

the second will be 290+

Can someone help me??



Help designing filter feeder tank

I am planning with in the next year to set up a filter feeding tank. Most likely nonphotosynthetic such as gorgonians, sea whips, and other things of that sort. I was planning to make it in a 40 or 50 gallon breeder. I was thinking about getting two approximentally 100 gallon rubbermade containers to plumb together to creat a refegium for the aquarium. I will then grow phytoplankton to feed the bins to create tons ...
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ANyone remember the MH for $75 ads int he Magazines?

Just wonding if anyone remembers who sells those complete
175w setups with the 4500k bulbs. Im looking to retro a couple of
flood lights at my house with these.


I don't wanna use a powerhead no more...

Any recommendations on a small pump for a closed loop that is quiet and can be used with a wavemaker?

RR :mrgreen:
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help.....i'm buying tonight......MH bulb BRAND selection?

I am looking at premium aquatics and I was wondering how different the light appears between brands. PA has a kit that come with a German 175 bulb. How white is this? How much of a twint of blue is there? I am going with the eletronic ballast and it is compatible with 10K Hamilton, Ushio, RedSea, Aqualine, Blueline 175watt bulbs. Please tell me the color difference between these different brands of bulbs. I want ...

choc.tangs-why arent they more popular???

I think they are gorgeous!! (at least in my book) Why don't more reefers have them?
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Yellow tang thinks Featherduster tube is tasty

So what should I do? My tang is nibbling at my Featherduster like she does the live rock. I couldn't figure out if the worm was moving itself or if my Blenny was doing it. My tang is the culprit, caught her three times yesterday. The dusters tube is blue and softlooking in spots now and he hasn't "comeout" all day. Matter of fact, his tube looks pinched. Should I cover the tube in some ...
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Advice on Polyps or LPS?

I have tried my luck at star polyps and mushrooms... And they (polyps) are growing like mad!

Im look for ideas on the next attractive polyp or hardy LPS...

I have a 30gal Long... 20W 50/50 (6000K/Actinic). Good levels and dosing with Kent 2 Part and iodine.

Ive considered Sun Polyps..
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I'm a Daddy!!!!

Well, sort of anyway...

My male maroon clown had been hanging out in the back of the tank for the past week or so, and my wife just called me downstairs. There's a big clutch of eggs on the back glass of the tank!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

We're ...
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