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F*#k heaters

: :cry: I woke up to my 40 gal FOWL with all my fish dead ,a flag fin angel who i raised from the size of a half dollar ,a large clown,and a yellow tail damsel,all these fish i had for over three years,all dead exept the clown who was on its last breath,all fish showed sins of extreme gill flare.when i went to ...
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Untangling Metal Halides

I was noticing that the "Just faq's" thread hasn't adressed lighting yet. I would like to open this one hopefully to "shed a little light" on the topic.

We need a breakdown of all the different brands (Ushio, Venture, Hamilton, PFO, CSL.....). Which bulbs are sold under which brand, Where the bulbs actually come from, What's the difference between American, Germany, and Japan. What makes each brand different.

Then we can address (possibly in another ...
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175 Mogul for 150watt HQI possible?

Is it possilbe for me to use a 175 mogul on a dual 150HQI ballast? I am not happy with the HQI spread since my space is so limited to having it mounted so high.
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Anyone had a bad experience with so-called symbiotic crabs?

I have purchased many wild acroporas and some of them have come with commensal organimsms (mostly crabs) I have now had at least three seperate acros come with fuzzy little crabs that end up causing significant damage to the corals. The colourful little crabs do no seem to harm the corals, however the brown fuzzy ones do seem to occasionally eat the polyps or at least disturb the branch of coral enough to cause the ...

Questions on 400watt. HQI Set up............

Need to get some opinions on this..........

I have a 95gal. Reef Tank I'm setting up (SPS-CLAMS)
Dimensions: 44L x 20D x 25H.......................
I have a chance to get a good buy on a Duel PHO HQI
400watt w/ 10k bulb etc..... reflectors...
Now from what I have been hearing 25-30 inches in Depth
would be more benificial for using 400watters.....
Of course I will be going w/ a DSB. which would decrease
depth ...
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Answers about 175w MH please

Ok, it is time to purchase new MH bulbs for the tank. I now have 2 ushio 175w bulbs with 2 96w .03atinic bulbs. I have looked at the bulbs available and am considering the 175w 14000k bulb. It says on the brochure that it has "bright ice white blue appearance, full spectrum." Just wondering if anyone can tell me if this is going to be too BLUE in my tank, or will it enhance ...
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[b]bubble algae attack!!![/b]

I have had some good success with my new reef tank. I have some great macro algae happening as well(great blue and red and green branching). However I have also been blessed with the bubble variety as well. I had recently noticed that my algae blenny burst one of the bubbles and all of a sudden I have a bunch of this ($$#&^&^*) all over some of the rocks. Any suggestions on how to rid ...
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Anchor coral/ Maroon clown Host?

Any danger to my maroon clown or vice versa if he tries to host in my anchor/hammer coral?
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Rubbermaid Stock Tanks - Whos hasem?

I am trying to get some ideas on hooking 4-6 of these up. Also, if they are inside in the basement, do you think there would be any problems with moisture and the wood rafters above? Ceiling is 8ft.


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Plan for DIY Nurce

Material list:
18gal. tall glass tank from Petco $31.00; 4" PVC cleanout adapter(slip not threaded) from Home Depot(HD) $4.90; 4" wingnut test plug from local plumbing supply store $8.00; scrap plexieglass cut to size for top of tank from HD $1.30; two 1/2 PVC female adapters from HD $.90; two 3/8 nylon barbed adapters with 1/2 male threaded ends from HD $2.58; 1/2 PVC cap from HD $.35; 1/2 PVC pipe from HD $.78; two ...
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