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Need quick lighting help buying it right now online

I am buying a 2 250 watt MH and 2 110 Watt VHO hood for my aquarium from Marine Depot right now and was wondering if the 12,000 or 10,000 lamp is better for SPS and Acro's. Thanks. And again I trying to place the order asap so any quick resposes sure would help. Thanks again.

6500's vs. 10K's

I'm hoping to get some feedback from the many reefer's using these bulbs on how they like them. I'll be setting up a 180 gallon, and would like to power the MH bulbs using PFO standard ballast (I like the flexibility). From my research I've found that better coral growth usually comes from the 6500's, but supplemental actinic lighting needs to be added (I'm thinking 4 72'' VHO's). The 10K's aren't as yellow and also ...
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Saltwater Aeration

What are the consequences with not aerating your saltwater mix for 24 hours prior to adding it to your tank? Is there any real danger here? I have repeatedly heard not to mix and pour without letting your saltwater sit at least overnight, but no one seems to really pinpoint the effects on livestock, etc.


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From what I have read, it sounds like you are an expert. So why did you ask the question?
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Yet another fish suggestion/opinion needed

Well my 29 is pretty much settled in, with a Marroon clown/anenome and a blenny. I had a six line wrasse that was finally caught and removed for his pod hunger, and now I want to get one more roaming/water column fish. I have been considering an atlantic pygmy angel as they are cool, active, and stay small / or a few green chromis as they will stay near the top and create the movement ...
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Skimmer working with a Surge Device

I am designing a 120 Gallon Reef tank. I want to use a 25 gallon refugium and a cross current skimmer. I read about using two surge devices set for different quantities to vary times. This sound great. However I read that you should be getting your surface water to your skimmer. How do you set up an overflow to work with the Surge devices and still get surface water. I estimate a 1 to ...
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can i use any di cartridge to replace an old one??

Hey all, i'm just wondering if i can use any di or ro cartridge to replace an old one.
Example: lets say i bought a Kent 4 stage ro/di can i use cartridges from Spectrapure, Reefpure or maybe any brand from my lfs? just wondering because who ever i get mine from i want easy access to replacements.
I haven't bought an ro/di yet but want to know this before i do.
Thanks for the ...

Glass for a 390

Got some prices from my local glass shop, they have done glass orders for tanks before, and these are the prices for the glass for a 390gal tank (100x30x36):

100 x 30 = 272.85
30 x 36 = 104.37 (x2) = 208.74
36 x 100 = 321.00 (x2) = 642.00
30 x 4 = 43.96 for 2
100 x 4 = 128.23 for 2

All glass is cut to specified dimensions and polished.
Holes are ...
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Broke open the Southdown (questions)

I reaquascaped my rock since I'm adding a couple of pieces and put them on PVC. The pvc is about 1/2 inch aqbove the current level of sand. Wanted to hide the PVC, so I broke open a bag of southdown and started to add it. Based on some advice, I had a long tube (although only 1 inch in diameter (others suggest using 2 or 3 inch diameter pipe). I had problems getting the ...
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