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SeaChem Pinnacle R/O Anyone have one??

Any one used one of these? Anything special about it?
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? about cycling liverock

Is it possible to get liverock so fresh that it doesn't have anything dying to start cycling. I ordered my rock from Gulfview on Sunday and he said US Air would pick it up monday night,and I recieved it Tuesday morning.The best I can figure from when he said he collected it from the Gulf coast til the time it went into my tank was less than 15 hrs.its been in the tank for about ...
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how to catch a coral banded shrimp

Any suggestions on catching a coral banded shrimp?

I have a 100 Gallon Reef with one CBS and he thinks he rules the tank. He has claimed a large cave in the rocks and whenever a fish come near him he takes a chunk out of them. He has already managed to kill a Yellow Eye Tank, a Gold Stripe Maroone and two Firefish. It's time for this guy to go, but I have no ...
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How much sand

I tried to search but came up w/nothing good. 75 Gallon reef how many lbs would you suggest?
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NEW CONTEST! - Extended Entry Date!

The goal of this new contest is to give you, our users, a shot at seeing your design on the webpage or on the back of a T-shirt. The current design as seen on the T-shirts, hats, mousepads, and mugs is viewable at: ... reid=reefs

The main logo (the front logo as seen below) will remain the same, but we are in search of new and ...
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:?: anenome in reef tank, what do you old salts think. I am thinking of a purple tip and a couple of clowns as my next addition. Advice appreciated
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pix of my new system with lights on.

This is with the VHO's and actinics only. I need to re-acclimate my corals to the Iwasaki. The reflector makes an unbelievable difference in light.





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Utah Reef Club Meeting!!!!

To All Utah Reefers:

The Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society is meeting this Friday (june 7th)
at 7:00pm for a special presentation by Eric Borneman. (co-authored two books on coral) The Meeting will Be held at the Salt Lake Community College in the Technology Building. We may park in any of the student areas.

Next month’s speaker is Julian Sprung.

Club information can be had from our club president,
Adam Blundell by e-mailing him at:

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the past couple of days i have been noticing some redish algae in my tank. my water tests are great, i have a 55 gallon tank with a fluval canister filter, 2 powerheads, uv setrilizer and a skilter. my skilter has not been working too well latyely. could this redish algae be caused by not running the protein skimmer unit on the skilter? please help
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A few concerns

Hi everyone,

75 gal
110lbs LR, 4" LS bed, 2x96watt PC, few soft corals, small purple tang & maroon clown.
56 gal
90lbs LR, 3" LS bed, no lights yet.
Common sump for both tanks and a bullet 2 skimmer. Cal 400, alk 3.1
temp 82.
Concern #1
I have a Pinpoint Ph monitor and a Neptune probe on it. It worked fine for a while and then started giving problems giving a consistent ...
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