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1 year anniversary

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New, mutant Black ocellaris clowns from ORA, t hey're cool!

The shop I work at (Gables Aquarium, Coral Gables, FL) just got in about half a dozen of these nearly all black ocellaris clownfish from ORA. They aren't completely black, their faces are a little rusty colored, but other than that, they are really all black. A few have missing or disjointed stripes. The interesting thing with these guys though is their faces. The have short "bull-dog" faces with huge bulging eyes. Its actually pretty ...

Please help, I'm at my wits end!

Okay, hang in there this will be a long one.

I will begin by explaining my problem. I have what I believe to be Dinoflagellates. I have had them for a while now. It is the brown covering with the little trails with bubbles on them. They cover everything in my tank, from the sand to the rock to the macroalgae I am TRYING to grow in my refugium.

All of my appropriate levels are ...
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Retail Vendor Listing released

Mark McAuley has been kind enough to submit a listing of online retail vendors for public viewing. You can view the list of vendors at:

Hopefully, this will be of some use to new and estabilished hobbyists. There were a few names I didn't know existed until I read Mark's compilation.

Thanks Mark!
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U/V Sterilizer Help With Algae???

I know they do not help with ich and parasite, unless the wattage is over a certain amount. But, do they help control and stop various kinds of algae? I want to add one to periodically control the growth of unwanted algae. Will this help, or is it a waste of time and money?

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Bristle Worm Debate!!!

I know bristle worms are supposed to be good for your tank and hence the reason many people have them. However, do you have them in your main tank or your refugium. I have numerous in my refugium, but was curious if i should put some in the main tank as well.
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Who Uses Canister Filters??

I am thinking of adding a canister filter for chemical filtratio. Currently, I just put it in th esump near the pump end, but hear it is better to use the canister. Who out there does this? Has it proven more effective for you? I am looking at the HOT Magnum, but it is only rated for a 30g and I have a 180. Since it is not the main means of filtration, does this ...
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Another idea for continuous live phyto setup

Yep, I am still thinking and thinking how to improve the efficiency of a closed aquaria system.

Here, I was just reading the latest issue of Aquaponics Journal where scientists has been building anaerobic tanks to help digest waste (liquid and solids) from the pigs and chicken farms. And as the anaerobic bacteria fixed NO2 and NO3 back into O2 and free nitrogen, the nutrient rich water is fed back to a algae pond.
This ...
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I am just setting up a 100G SW FO tank with a 20G sump. I was wondering what would be the best steps to take to not have 100G of saltwater soaking my carpet and ruining the subfloor. My wife will definately not tolerate this happening more than once so I want to be prepared.

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Can I upgrade to 250W MH bulbs with the 175W ballast that came with my original lighting?
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