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Tiny Mantis-like shrimps

My tank is a 100 gal tank with 6-8 inches of live sand from various source include sand from the Gulf of Mexico. I found a bunch of small custaceans that is very much like mantis shrimps in the sand, burrowed in the top two inches of the sand. These custaceans are about .75 cm in lenth and .1 cm wide. They come with mantis claws just like the real thing. There are about 18-20 ...
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valentine puffer aint eatin


i recently brought a valentine puffer and the guy said i could just feed it frozen food but the puffer isnt eating and i was wondering if there is a special diet for it. (nothin is wrong with my water condition)

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Multiple Morays

Whats the rule of thumb on keeping 2 or more eels together?
I have an 80 gallon tank I'm thinking of making into a FO aggresive.
Anyone have any good stocking ideas?
So far I only have 1 Clown Trigger at 1 inch.
I was think about moray eels and Lionfish.
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Banghai Cardinals

I want to get a pair of Banghai Cardinals. I have a 10g tank with only one firefish in it plus the usual live rock and 2 peppermint shrimp. Would the BC's be "happy" in a 10g? I give this consideration because they seem to be the sort of fish that don't need a great deal of swimming room. All the BC's that I have seen usually just hang around and don't move around much ...
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More Babies!!

My Hi-fin Cardnals had some babies about 45 days ago and none of them survived....but this time i was prepared images/smiles/icon_smile.gif




these were born about an hour ago...theres about 20 of them....maybe more to come if the male (pictured above) spits more out.

I think these are very pre mature. I noticed the male stopped feeding around august 10th leaving the babies only 18 days when he is supposed to hold them ...
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Orbic cardinal w/eggs

I just noticed yesterday that my male orbic is carrying eggs. This is their first breeding and I just want to make sure that I should follow the same game plan as for banggai's. I don't find a lot of info on the orbics but would assume that they carry about the same gestation. If anyone has any info I would love to hear about it. I have posted to Frank Marini but not heard ...
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Mated cardinals

Anyone know where I can get a pair of mated bangai cardinals?
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Banggai Pictures...

If you have pictures of Banggai Cardinals in which you know their sex FOR SURE, could you please send me the pictures as i am going to put a site together that shows the males and females, so people can draw their own conclusions...thanks..
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Banggai Cardinals


I was just wondering what your stories/thoughts etc were on this fish. It is one of my favorite fish right now, but might not be that way if continuing harvesting trends continue. i bought mine wild, but i am trying to breed them, so i can sell them to stores captive raised. So any info on breeding success/failures, or stories, anything just related to the banggai would be appreciated. Thanks
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black voliton lion help now !!!!

ok my wife is a postal worker and on here way how she stoped at a new lsh that we have never been, and to my serprize she bought the lion and put it right in the tank. it was doing ok but now it is swiming upside down and not looking to good, i know that she should have acclumated it but she didnt think about it, but now she knows why she should. ...
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