Algae outbreak

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Algae outbreak

Postby vikebron » October 16th, 2007, 9:49 pm

I have an algae outbreak in my 375. I have been busy and have neglected it. I have taken all the coral out and have turned the halides off completely and have the T-5s on for only 5 hours a day.
A customer dropped off a gallon of Aqua-One and said she used it with great success in her 150. It claims to be all natural and competes with the algae for food and wins.
Has anyone used this before and what was your outcome?
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Postby engineerfish » October 21st, 2007, 8:26 pm

what type of inverts do you have? I had hair algae and bought ratio as prescribed by Drs. Foster and Smith (snails). The Turbo snails do an unbelievable job of removing this. Is your bloom the type of bloom that turns the water pea green? If so check nitrates and phosphates. Also get inverts that eat detritus such as brittle stars, sea cucumbers, and filter feeders like feather dusters. I keep high ratio of filter feeders and detrtus feeders that my water stays crystal clear. I also have an extemely healthy deep sand bed which allows me to use very little filtration. All of my water parameters stay within requirements---no protein skimming only mechanical to catch large particles. I dive and fish regularly and the natural environment has large (clouds) of "marine snow". I try to recreate same environment and have been successful so far. Fish, corals, and inverts have brilliant , vibrant colors. You can have a too sterile tank! I was always told to destroy all worms and "bugs" as these were detrimental. I changed and all my algae and other water problems dissappeared. It is also entertaining watching all the minute creatures.
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