Fish, Coral, and Live Rock for Sale in Richmond, VA

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Fish, Coral, and Live Rock for Sale in Richmond, VA

Postby MikeC_EE99 » November 27th, 2009, 10:32 am

I'm taking down my saltwater reef aquarium and selling all of the fish, inverts, and coral. Below is a list:
Two Large Yellow Tangs $25 each
One Large Sandsifting Starfish $10
Two Large Green/Brown Button Polyp attached to live rock $35 (ONE REMAINING)
Six Large Rose Bubble Anemones $90 each (we will need to cut the rock from around the base of them for you to take a small piece of rock with the anemone)
Aprox. 120 pounds of live rock $2.50/pound
Aprox 150 pounds of live sand $1.50/pound

I also have several other items such as cleaner shrimp, peppermint shrimp, coral banded shrimp but they love to hide in the rock which makes them difficult to get to. If we can catch any of these items when you come over then I'll be happy to sell them to you also. I do not deliver. All sales are final; it's alive when you get it, what you do with it after that is your responsibility. I only accept cash payment, NO CHECKS. I can send you pics upon request.
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