The gap in the ‘you didn’t build that’ fight

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Re: The gap in the ‘you didn’t build that’ fight

Postby Bierboy » August 5th, 2012, 8:00 pm

People who run successful businesses rely on their customers buying their products in the same way that governments rely on people voting for them.

Sure, business owners pay more taxes, but then they need the services government provides to produce a profit.

I really despise the "better than the rest of you" attitude that business owners seem to have. Sure, you're an integral and important part of society with your entrepreneurial spirit, but that doesn't somehow make you superior to all other people, including the people that work for you and the people that work to provide the services you need. I'm sure lots of business owners will now chime in to claim that this is an illusion of mine, but it runs through a lot of the comments that come out of the private sector. "Without us you're nothing" is a sentiment I hear far more from the private sector than the government, so this whole debate seems quite ironic from my perspective.

I don't know where you got,
"better than the rest of you"

A business owner is entitled to the same Gov't services as anyone else. Did someone say they deserve more?

but then they need the services government provides to produce a profit

Everyone needs these services whether they are successful or a career welfare collector.
Not to speak for Tom, but I imagine that he is getting it from all of the rhetoric out there. BTW, there are no more career welfare collectors. There is a 5 year lifetime limit. That limit, btw, is an example of both parties compromising to achieve a goal.
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Re: The gap in the ‘you didn’t build that’ fight

Postby _Andy » August 5th, 2012, 8:35 pm

BO has started quietly undoing the reforms - is he finished or will he do more?
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