baby strombus er, columbellid, snails eating bryopsis...

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baby strombus er, columbellid, snails eating bryopsis...

Postby krullulon » July 21st, 2004, 6:06 am

just curious if anyone else has had this experience...

about 2 months ago i bought 12 strombus snails from IPSF... feedback was that they'd breed freely in healthy tanks, and yep -- breed they have. i now have hundreds of baby strombus snails... or, should i say, baby columbellids -- apparently what IPSF markets as "strombus maculatus" is actually some kind of columbellid --

as a side-note, also in the IPSF group o' stuff was something they called "hawaiian turbo snail", but is actually a tiger cowrie (and is probably my favorite snail ever)... so IPSF has good stuff, although they're not perhaps the most rigorous taxonomists. :)

what's most interesting is that the wee columbellids gravitate to patches of bryopsis -- at first i thought they were just using the bryo patches for protection, but then i noticed that they were actually eating the stuff... i'll see a bryo patch with about 20 babies in it, and the next day the patch has a stripped, mushy appearance and then breaks down completely over the next few days.

the adult snails don't have any interest in the bryopsis...

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Postby wings » July 21st, 2004, 7:38 am

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