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Elegance Coral

By Various Authors. Posted to reef-l emailing list, Saturday the 15th to Monday the 17th of July 2000.

Robert Stuhl

I love elegant Coral but can not manage to keep them alive. I purchased a beautiful purple tipped elegant, 3 weeks ago. It looked great at the store, open and full. Brought it home, put it in tank, close to bottom, looked great for a week, opened very nicely. Then it started to remain closed and puffy. I saw some necrotic tissue at one end, was not there when I purchased it. Dipped it in Tectra D from Kent. The tissue kept receding on it. Gave it another dip but of no help, it died. The tank is 65 gallons,set up 3 years, water change is 5% a week, Spec gravity 1.023, pH 8.2, Alk 3.5,Iodine good, phosphate a little high 0.5( can't keep it down), calcium 450, temp around 80, lighting consists of MH400Watt 10,000K, 2 actinic and a normal daylight Flourescents. 4 Heads on a wavemaster. I have many hard and soft corals, all doing well.Started to dose with Theil Chemicals on a daily basis and everything opened much larger than before. What am I doing wrong?

Todd Crail

Rest easy... It's not your fault, that is, if you stop buying them ;) Elegant have been doing really poorly for about a year now. They come in, they open up for a week, and then just check out with rare stories of them bouncing back. If you've eyeballed one at a shop for over a month, then perhaps, you might want to carefully consider spending your money on it.

I spoke with a guy this week who was at a couple Indonesian collecting stations earlier this year. Apparently, the mystery has been solved. They've collected all the aniamls which are in a viable range for collection (trachyies too... ever wonder why wellso's started showing up so much recently? ;). He saw guys coming in on dugouts from 3 days away with rubbermaid containers loaded with them. Not the way you'd want a specimen to be collected, I would assume ;)

Those of you taking trips that way this year, check it out. I'd like to know if this is the real situation... This is one of the situations where I hesitantly, but sighingly agree... They should stop issuing CITES permits if they can't figure it out.

Brian Prestwood

I like them too and I also have had trouble with them. It seems like a lot of people have. Todd's point about harsher collecting conditions makes sense. Especially when the animals die shortly after purchase. However, in my case my first Elegance died several months after purchase. My second one was starting to retract its tenticles (1/4") a couple months after Ipurchased it.

I have pretty good circulation in my tank (3000 3.5 gal surges a day in 120 gal tank). I've read/heard they like a lot of light but not much water motion. That was hard to do in my tank. I put it in a low circ. but low light courner originally. I have two 400W 10K MH lights 8" over a 4' long tank. The Elegance was only about 2' away from one of them. I thought it would get enough light.

As I said, it was retracting its tenticles after a few months. So, I used some base rock to form a 7" dia and deep hole on the sand in the front of the tank. I put the Elegance on the sand in the hole. It gets good light. The water circulates over the hole but not into it. It has been a couple of weeks now. It is doing better. The tentecles are extending more (1/2-1"). It still doesn't look like it did in the store (1-2" tenticles).

It makes sense to me that they would settle out in a hole after they break loose in the lagoons. It also makes sense to me that we, hobbyists, would have more trouble with them as we get more and more circulation in our tanks.

John Sousa

I have an answer. Low light-Low current. Mine is now doing great. If you put them in strong light you will kill them. Put him on the sand against a piece of live rock. It might be too late for the one you have. I destroyed 2 elegances by listen to that high light garbage.

Brian Prestwood

Can you be more specific about your lighting and current?

What kind of lighting do you have? How far away is the Elegance? Is it shaded at all?

What kind of circulation system do you have? How far away from the nearest exhaust is the Elegance? Is it sheilded at all?

Any pictures?

I have an answer. Low light-Low current. Mine is now doing great. If you put them in strong light you will kill them.

Hmmm. That would make sense. I've read that all the easy to harvest Elegance were packed off to LFS years ago. Now they are having to collect them from deeper and deeper water. Perhaps these have different requirements than the "beginners" Elegance of 5 - 10 years ago.

Robert Stuhl

Thanks for the interest. Here goes The lighting consists of 1 400watt MH 8" above the tank,goes on at 11AM and off at 9PM. 2 Corallife 30 watt magtinics one in front one in back. One coralife trichmatic 30 watt in front. Goes on at 9AM and off at 11PM. The Circulation is provided by an Amiracle trickle filter which is now only a sump. Water is fed from the sump to the Skimmer by a "Silent One" pump. From the skimmer the water goes into a separate chamber that I constructed in the sump and is fed to the tank by another "Silent One" pump. I also have 4 powerheads attached to a wavemaster in the reef mode. 3 powerheads pump at 175gph and the 4th pumps at 270gph. One 175gph pump is on the floor behind the rocks and the others are on top slightly angled down. The Elegant was on the bottom of the tank in the front right.with very slight water motion. Don't know if this provides any clues but if so would love to know.

Brian Prestwood

Sorry for the confussion. I was asking John Sousa about his lighting and circulation. He seems to have found a combination that works.

John Sousa

What size tank? 90

What kind of lighting do you have? 2 175 watt MH and 2 110 watt blue actinic. How far away is the Elegance? On the sand. Is it shaded at all? Yes. Half in the shade.

What kind of circulation system do you have? 2 Sea swirls. 2 powerheads. How far away from the nearest exhaust is the Elegance? Far. Not anywhere near it. He only likes a very subtle sway. Is it shielded at all? I have no idea what you mean.

Any pictures? no

Brian Prestwood

Thank you for the reply. Mine is still getting a lot more light then yours. I may have to experiment a bit.

Todd Crail

I'm interested as well...

However, let me reiterate my comment "with rare stories of them bouncing back." In a battle of averages, I'd have to say that this is a loosing cause. When I had the shop, I tried them under dual vho's (actinic and 50/50) in 33 longs, a single 250 and 4 24" no actinics in a 50 breeder, and under dual 24" no's (50/50 and actinic) in a 20 gallon. None of which yielded a live animal once it switched for the worse. I believe the number was around 15 when I said to hell with this. I even fragged 2 up upon their opening and looking "comfy" just to see what would happen. The frags were put into different lighting and only one under the halide did well. It was dead in 3 weeks.

I really wouldn't purchase this animal if on a budget.

John did open another issue tho, and that's the notion that any one type of lighting is best (and let me assure you good sir, that I am *in no way* attacking you ) Nor, is pairing any type of coral under one system chemistry, the right thing to do. Or, even still... pairing any type of coral in one system. The whole nebulous mass of the word "coral" is far too diverse and perplexing... But I don't want to assume that anyone else is as interested in this as I. If so, feel free to repost on this topic and then we can discuss that ) I promise, it *will* be messy with so many still under the perception that "I had *one* and did it under blah blah blah" ) However, we can just stop it right here with ending the notion that "one person's system told all".... if you know what I mean...... ;)

And with that in mind... I really don't think it's good to be bringing in elegant currently, whatever the method of collection and shipping is, because they're obviously not doing it correctly.

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