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Tank Pics

Photos of Todd's 125 gal SPS dominated tank.

This is my 125 gallon SPS dominated system. In Figure 1, pay particular attention the openness of the front. My focus in this tank is to replicate the properties of a "reef flat" while still allowing area for corals of other reef biotopes. As well, an initial challenge was to develop a system for high water quality animals, while allowing for obscene amounts of food to be dumped in continually.

Figure 1

Figure 2 is more the same with high water energy animals, and a sliver of sand space on the front for placement of Tridacnid clams and fragments. A corresponding sliver is along the back to promote the energy of the water from the return pump. Note that about 80% of the animals featured in this system have been grown from fragments since February of 2000.

Figure 2

Figure 3 catches the tail end of the energy from the heavy duty pumps at the other end. A Maxi Jet 1200 is placed in the corner (Fig 4) and aimed at the front glass to swirl this area periodically on a wave strip.

You may have noticed the lack of fish by now. This is intentional. I'm still divided on whether to add a "six pack" of chromis for vertebrate movement, but observing my purple firefish behave unobstructed by a nasty tang etc is plenty rewarding for me.

Figure 3

Figure 4 was a lower energy "crazy macro algae" lagoon, however, I've removed some of these animals and algae to complete a second high energy zone and to contribute to the overall water energy of the system using a minimal amount of pumps. I really enjoyed this area as a lagoon, and hope to replicate it in the multisystem. However, the green bubble coral (Mr. Nasty), was creating a conflict of interest for other corals. ;)

Figure 4

Figure 5 is the lagoon removed. Note again the openness of the area.

You may have noticed, I do not subscribe to the 2 lbs or even one lb per gallon of live rock referenced in most publications. I think a more natural effect in this size tank is created being a minimalist. As well, a pulsing water motion can be achieved by removing a good deal of rock, and the biological filtration is more than adequately compensated with a full sand bed habitat and types of "macro" algae. 72"x18" of sand bed surface area doesn't hurt either ;) I'm down to about 60 lbs of rock at this point. I'll leave the cliffs and caves to the folks who go *big* where there is enough room to make a natural looking display with that theme :)

Figure 5
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