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Direct Feeding

Here's how the farmer direct feeds specific corals.

Something that your coral will appreciate, and you may not be aware of is a direct feeding. A turkey baster makes an excellent apparatus for application. In Figure 1, I am shooting (the white and dark thing in the upper middle) some food down to Mr. Nasty to appease the beast, as well, hitting my other LPS in the area. On the SPS front, Pocilloporids (Pocillopora, Stylophora, and Seriatopora) equally enjoy a good dowsing.

Figure 1

A coral that's usually deemed tough to keep due to it's lack of photosynthetic zoxanthellae is Tubastrea or "Sun Polyp" (Figure 2). I've found nothing difficult with this genus besides having a daily commitment to feeding it directly. At first, they're jumpy. They don't like the baster and they'll only come out after "dark". But over time and adjusting to each other, one can �convince� them into feeding when ever the food is there.

Figure 2

A huge myth a lot of folks are told is that the light will harm them and they should be sheltered from typical reef lighting. This is not true. I've yet to stick one under 400 w halides, but in any system that I'd have that much light, I wouldn't keep one. They should be placed where it's *convenient* to feed. In Figure 3, I'm slowly wafting food out of the baster to the polyps, allowing the current to put it to them. This is how to keep Tubastrea :)

Figure 3
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