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Acropora pg 1

In Figure 1, I have an Acropora colony that was grown out from a fragment. The only way I can accurately describe it is "Acropora" and "Bottlebrush". Divisions and growth of SPS is easy, however, more reading and a bigger budget is required. ;)

Figure 1

In Figure 2, I'm again using the cable cutters to make the division. I'd like to find some smaller cutters for these smaller branches, as I couldn't get that far into the colony without damaging other corallites I didn't want removed. For now, I've been removing small pieces of the outer branches.

Figure 2

Figure 3 displays the removed specimen.

Figure 3

And in Figure 4, a demonstration of setting a cutting up in a rose pick. I use some aragonite to weight the pick down, and just stick it into the sand bed. Some argue that the water inside the pick will go foul. I've never seen this to be the case, and I've seen organizations that have been doing this for many many years use this method exclusively.

Figure 4
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