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Acropora pg 2

In Figure 1, I've made a comparison between the original colony on the right, to the re-growth on the pick on the left from when the colony was purchased. The time frame for this growth was 8 months. This brings me to a point about starting with fragments, as opposed to wild heads. The fragments have already (if encrusted) met two criteria that I'd like to see in my animals. 1) They have no problem with being cut 2) They are going to grow well in aquaria. Aquarists should consider those points.

Figure 1

In Figure 2, the re-growth is being removed from the pick with a razor blade. The remaining colony is left on the pick to grow yet another time, the newly removed piece will be cut in half.

Figure 2

In Figure 3, we see the divided colonies.

Figure 3
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