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Light Pics

Here is how the lighting was setup on the 33's and the 75 sump.

Figure 1 is the "retro" retro kit! I used a 1x4, some screw eyes, some "s" hooks, and chain. The screw eyes were placed appropriately in the bottom of the frame and the top of the 1x4, and the rest falls into place. Pretty much a $10 solution. The reflectors were then placed around the mogul mount, and it's complete.

Figure 1

If the halide solution wasn't cheap enough for you... How about this one! :)

The hooks are just plastic conduit braces. I think I paid a buck fifty for all of them LOL. I just pinched the wire leads around them at the correct length, and was done.

All these parts can be found at a local hardware shop.

Figure 2
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