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Nepthea (Colt corals) are a very beautiful and very hardy coral, and make an excellent choice of coral for a beginner. They're also very easy to propagate. The method: pick your tool. All you need is something sharp :) Figure 1 is an undisturbed shot of the colony.

Figure 1

In Figure 2, you can see how I've grabbed a branch and use a razor blade to remove the cutting. Scissors are usually much easier to use because you can just *snip*. However at the time of the photo, I couldn't find them.

Figure 2

Figure 3 is the division removed. A word of caution is that after cutting, Nepthea slime like crazy. For most soft or LPS coral, this isn't a problem. However, I wouldn't set the cutting near any SPS. This point is true for most soft coral.

Figure 3

Figure 4 demonstrates using a toothpick to mount the cutting to a rock. You pretty much just shove it in like a "coral-ka-bob" in an appropriate extra fleshy area, stick the end of the toothpick into a hole in the rock, place back into the system and you're done. I've seen them "crawl" up the toothpick, but in a few weeks, they'll grow back down the toothpick. Some people use other methods such as rubber banding or using gel superglue, I prefer this method. This method also works well for Sinularia and Lamnalia like soft coral.

Figure 4
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