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Galaxea (Galaxy) are very beautiful coral. They do present a problem with their long sweeping tentacles, however, a well placed specimen with growth and the sweepers in mind is an excellent choice of coral. It is also easy to divide. Figure 1 is a picture of the undisturbed colony.

Figure 1

Figure 2 shows the underside where a cutting of 3 polyps back in February of 2000 has grown out over the entire top of a rose "pick" which are usually found on the stem of a rose to keep the flower fresh longer.

Figure 2

In Figure 3, we see the division being made with some scissors. Basically, you want to chip off 3-4 polyps. Sometimes it works like a dream, but sometimes, well, you end up with one polyp. The division can be glued to a rock or as I mentioned, stuck in a hole on the top of a rose picks and allowed to grow out from there. I apologize for not having a shot of that. We ran out of picks that evening. : )

Figure 3

Figure 4 shows the divided colonies.

Figure 4
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