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Canopy Pics

Canopy photos and information.

It is my feeling that a *lot* of aquarists get themselves into a ton of trouble from the "get go" by not providing ample air exchange in their canopies. And, I don't think this is limited to just metal halide lighting solutions. Fluorescent lamps burn up just as much potential oxygen as a halide lamp, if not more, by aquarists cramming too many bulbs into a canopy. A good fan size is the 4 3/8" 75 cfm fan. They move a ton of air and are very quiet.

As well, notice the open back of the canopy. I realize the canopy is ugly as sin, but my wife didn't mind that I just slapped pine 1x8's together and called it good. I'll work on my canopy techniques when I get into a house. After all.. Aren�t we supposed to be admiring what�s *in* the tank? ;)

Figure 1
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