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Sump Pics

Sump photos and information.

I won't spend much time here. Who would really want to study anyone else's toilet? ;)

In Figure 1, the overflow runs to this cheap acrylic tower. I've baffled in and around the tower with small live rock pieces. I only use the egg crate "filter pad tray" to break up the water. There�s a *ton* of cryptic life living in here.

Figure 1

Figure 2 shows the skimmer. I really only use it to inject outside air that is fed to the skimmer using some 1/4" flexible airline hose. With all the lights in the apartment, the place can heat up pretty quickly, which lowers the amount of potential oxygen in the air. The skimate is allowed to be washed back into the system, with really only monthly cleanings (if I remember). Otherwise, I have to feed even more to provide amply food source for the "macro" algae. Since I�m feeding one pound of brine per week, I think more food is ridiculous :)

Figure 2

Figure 3 is the calcium reactor. I find this to be an essential piece of equipment on *many* levels. This is also independent of whether I am keeping high alk/ca demand animals or not. I've discovered a variety of common problems disappear, and I look forward to receiving my new reactor for the soft coral multisystem.

Speaking of which... Let's get look at that! :)

Figure 3
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