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Hello, and thank you for joining us for this talk. My topic is "How to mass propagate coral in a two bedroom apartment?" and I hope you find this presentation both informative and enjoyable :)

I'd like to first off thank Shane Graber (aka "liquid") for *all* of his help with the photos and for providing the camera. I don't think this would have turned out even a third of what it is without him. :)

Ok. Let's get on with the show... I had a problem. I am coral addict. And each type finds a fancy with me in some way. I also enjoy making new colonies and lots of them. How much space does this take? Quite a bit. And space (without making my better half think she lived in a fish room) is what I didn't have. In the following minutes I will present to you my solution to take care of my "problem" :)

Created by liquid
Last modified 2005-02-04 00:16