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Drain Pics

Plumbing is key in this system.

Many thanks to Rich Durso (aka �reefland�) for this drain solution. I was presented with the challenge of making this system as silent as possible as someone (mainly my mother-in-law) would need to be able to sleep 4' away from it.

Rich had come up with a solution to use 1 1/2"-2" pvc off the output bulkheads to quiet it down. And boy it sure works! Figure 1 is a crappy pic, and I apologize. It's a very difficult shot to get.

Figure 1

In Figure 2, we can see more detail to the attaching pvc. I used 1 1/2" to 1" reducers to quickly increase the diameter of the drain. At the top of the apparatus, the critical portion exists. If the pvc is left open, it's noisy. However, you can cap it by drilling a hole in the cap. Water does spin upward, but salt creep and splash can be eliminated by leaving a 4" section above the "tee". I put an �� air hose connector in the hole just for giggles.

Figure 2

All that aerated water flying down creates some extra noise and a lot of micro bubbles. Gary Meadows (we miss you man :( suggested putting a nylon carbon bag over the output, as seen in Figure 3. This greatly minimizes the noise and injected bubbles. Since the bubbles don't bother the coral (I would *not* try this with fish.. It *will* create all sorts of trouble) I generally leave it off and use the "free" current.

Figure 3
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