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Water Source

Information on the purification of the water for this system.

Nothing big here, but this is a topic that my wife and I had to have "discussions" about ;)

Figure 1 is a quick shot of how and where I make my water. Some people I've talked with hook up to the fresh line on the toilet and use the bathtub to contain over flow and run waste water. Our bathroom is too small to bother even trying it.

So... I invaded the kitchen ;)

Figure 1

A few things to make life easier... In Figure 2, I have pictured the "over-flow" container. A $10 solution to a $100 liquid level controller. Also makes for a handy fresh mix container. I can mix 30 gallons at a time, and can pretty much store the can anywhere when I'm not using it. Be sure to not compromise on the quality of the can either. A few extra bucks *will* save you the hassle of cleaning up a major flood, should it bow.

Figure 2

Old salt mix buckets quickly were determined to be too ugly to be in eyesight. The containers in Figure 3 were left over 5 gallon containers from the Y2K scare. Sarah found these for a buck each.

Figure 3

And Figure 4 is the crown jewel Mrs. Crail brought home! This is a garden hose splitter stake thingy she found also, for a buck. We broke off the steak, and now have a compact connector. What prompted this purchase was the inability to get a glass of water while good water was in production. Now we can just turn off the water, unscrew the little black cap, and get some water.

The most intense and on-going topic, of course, is that I put away the RO/DI unit when I am finished ;)

Figure 4
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