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Frame Pics

This is how the frame for the multi was built.

The wood frame is fairly simple design. In Figure 1, you see the 48"x18" base. The center boards are 36" from either end to allow for a breeder tank to be used. A 50 breeder was originally going to be used because I had one, however, it suffered a terrible fate due to Mr. Fumble fingers.

I was initially apprehensive about the attachment for the legs of the rack, and thought to put braces in. However, the centered weight of the 75 and the downward push of the 33's has it very stable with the dual 2x4's as the legs.

Figure 1

Figures 2 and 3 both show the front view of the frame. Note the cross supports for the tanks are set into the legs.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4 is a closer view of the inset on the cross supports. We also added the extra brace at both ends of the tanks, as well, smack in the middle. They are attached by screws drilled in from half sunk 1/2" pilots through the outside of the frame.

Figure 4
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