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Rhodactis (Elephant Ear mushroom) are my favorite shroomies. They get big, are voracious feeders, and so easy to divide. As I'm typing this a week and a half after the division, I have 3 �50 cent piece� sized colonies attached and beginning growth. I apologize for the picture in Figure 1. We couldn't get a good angle on the coral.

Figure 1

In Figure 2, I display the "trick" to making successful mushroom cuttings. The trick is to get the shroom as bunched up as possible to pull the mesenterial filaments (the digestive and reproductive glands) as bunched up as possible. This can be accomplished by lifting the coral in and out of the water.

Figure 2

In Figure 3, I�m taking a razor's cut thru the oral disc of the animal, and sliding along to remove the pedestal from the rock. Another thing I've found is to make the cut as *messy* as possible. Sometimes, a piece will bunch up where you didn't expect it and you'll find a pleasant surprise a few weeks down the road :)

Figure 3

Figure 4 is the removed division. Generally what I do with the cuttings is drop it on some rubble in a lower current area and allow it to attach this way. There's no need for using cheesecloth, panty hose and all those other things some suggest and make it seem like it's a pain to do. Shroomies will do the work for you :)

Figure 4
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