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Feeding Time!

Talk about a lot of food!

I've tried to explain many times exactly how much food I feed. I can type it and type it and rephrase it and type it again, and until someone sees how much food I dump in on a regular basis... It *never* sets in :)

Figure 1: *This* is 6 oz of brine shrimp (That was a 16 oz bag). 4 oz for the 125, 2 oz for the "Multi". The only reason the multi gets less, is because I'm still scaling up, which is where I want to warn you to *not* start out with a ton, especially if you have fish as a conflict of interest (grazers on macro or critters). As well, since I've added a starving tubastrea which I'm bringing back, the systems get food on a daily basis. I do the huge feedings 2 or 3 times a week.

Figure 1

Figure 2: Out of the bag. Again, let me remind you I don't really skim. That's the *powah* of macro algae and the critter habitat they provide. There are a lot of mouths to feed in there! I've also had folks try to tell me that Acropora and other SPS won't take large food. Well, that's a load of it. The bottlebrush Acropora are more viscious than most of the LPS... And don't even start me on the Stylophoras ;)

Figure 2

Figure 3: Gotta thaw it on the halide, else I'll be up all night. Dr. Shimek has always referred to "heavy feeding" but I don't think he's ever quantified amounts. I'm suspicious he wanted to see if some goofball would try it. Well, here he is and *boy* do those coral grow fast! :)

Figure 3

Figure 4: Crappy pic, but there are all those little shrimpies waiting to be consumed. I've also been told that brine shrimp is "dirty" and "polluting". Well, good. I've experimented using "clean" food like frozen plankton... The algae started to choke themselves. Not *enough* nutrients. I've yet to try the granular pearls, but I plan on giving that a whirl to see if I can't get the softies growing faster.

I'll get off my feeding soap box now. :)

Figure 4
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