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Where Reefkeeping Begins on the Internet - "If you had to pick a "one-stop shop" for everything online for reefs, this would be it. If you can't find it here, you can't find it." – Richard Sexton,Tropical Fish Hobbyist, November, 2002 believes an educated hobbyist is a conscientious, successful hobbyist. Our primary mission is the fostering of responsible marine aquarium hobbyists through education.

Advanced Aquarist's Online Magazine

Volume X, Issue XII: December 2011

Feature Article: Building a Plywood Aquarium
By Dana Riddle
The internet is generally a good resource of information but I did find some sites containing DIY tips for building plywood tanks that presented outdated or inaccurate information. This article will attempt to correct that information and detail the trials and tribulations of plywood aquarium construction along with updated information as well as construction time, a cost breakout and lessons learned.

Aquarium Corals: A Look at the Sun Corals
By James W. Fatherree, M.Sc.
There are numerous species of azooxanthellate stony corals out there, but more than likely the only ones you'll ever come across in the hobby are known as the sun corals, some of which are called orange cup corals. This umbrella of a common name is used for several species of the genera Tubstraea and Dendrophyllia, and these are the subject from here on out.

Aquarium Fish: An Overview of Clownfish of the Tomato Complex
By Kenneth Wingerter
The Tomato Complex arguably claims some of the most durable marine aquarium fish species, being capable of withstanding suboptimal water quality, inadequate nutrition, and careless handling (that being said, it is certainly not advisable to subject them to poor living conditions). Due to their powerful bodies and belligerent temperament, they are well suited for a community of larger, more aggressive species. As such, members of this complex are undoubtedly the best choice of clownfish for hobbyists (novice and advanced alike) that have a fondness for outstandingly bold, cantankerous fishes.

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