zoa's growth

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zoa's growth

Postby yellowfiji » December 25th, 2007, 5:33 am

Is there any way that can speed up zoa's growth?
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Postby ab420 » December 30th, 2007, 11:18 pm

I know that most zoos seem to like "dirty water" with slightly raised levels of nitrates and phosphates, but I wouldn't recommend that if you have other corals in the tank.

You can feed them regularly, I feed mine cyclops all the time, and they love it. I also give them cut up bits of krill and brine shrimp, and that helps with the growth a lot.
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Postby capture » February 19th, 2008, 10:37 pm

good flow, being closer to the light source (if possible), feeding (as ab420 mentioned) all have aided in good growth of my zoas in the past.
i typically have my flow in sort of a swirl type pattern. powerheads in opposing corners of the tank and pointing in opposing directions.
Like this (top down view):
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