Spawning mushrooms

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Spawning mushrooms

Postby Phil D » February 2nd, 2008, 1:57 am

The Reef Aquarium Volume 2 by Sprung & Delbeek on page 335 is mentioning this: Discosoma. To the best of our knowledge sexual reproduction has not been reported in aquaria nor in nature.

It has now, on this 9 min video clip I posted on YouTube:

I've had mushrooms spawning many times before, but it is the first time I managed to control it from a full year's conditioning to the induced spawning and ......get the whole thing on tape. :D
The red mushrooms shown here have been in my tank for 7 years now and have spawned each year for 6 years.
Unfortunately I have not succeeded to get any significant settling from these spawnings because the brisstle worms in the substrate are eating the eggs which are a pale fluorescent green and quite large (about 300 micron). That big ball of eggs at the end of the clip must contain at least 5000 eggs. The transfer of the clip to YouTube was not very good, but on the original tape you can see it's "snowing" in my tank. Also this time the spawning individuals recovered very fast.
I may try next time to set up a special settling tank to see if this can lead to something, because so far I managed to get only 7 ricordeas and one red discosoma.
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