Orlando Gunman

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Orlando Gunman

Postby Podman » June 12th, 2018, 3:29 pm

Children killed in Orlando standoff: Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr. had history of violence, arrests

After being together for about five years and engaged for more than three, Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr.’s girlfriend broke up with him in August 2008 because she couldn’t see a marriage in their future.

He was lazy, she later explained in a deposition. He was unemployed since leaving his job at Convergys, an information-management firm in Lake Mary, and was not taking care of himself or his diet, despite being an insulin-dependent diabetic.

“His lack of motivation for life, mainly,” she said, asked why she broke off their relationship. “Not any lack of love there or anything like that. I genuinely loved him. I just knew that it wasn’t going to work out so I broke up with him because I didn’t want to waste my life.”

He moved out of the home she owned on Dixon Street in Orange City, but came back the night of Dec. 16, 2008, to pick up a tool. An argument began. Within hours, he had destroyed her electronics in a fury and ordered her to leave the house — which he said would be his “grave.”

“I know when Gary’s being serious, too, because I was with him long enough to know,” the woman testified later. “He was dead serious. There was no changing his mind. I got scared.”

After she left, he doused the house in gasoline and lit it on fire.

Early Monday, another domestic violence call involving Lindsey led to a shootout in which Orlando police Officer Kevin Valencia was critically wounded. A daylong standoff ended in tragedy, with Lindsey killing four children, including two of his own, he held as hostages, authorities said.

Lindsey, 35, also took his own life, Orlando police Chief John Mina said.

As a convicted felon, Florida law prohibited Lindsey from possessing firearms.

Suspended prison sentences are not common, said defense attorney Mark O’Mara, who was not involved in Lindsey’s cases. They typically entail a judge giving the defendant a list of conditions, like probation or anger management. If the defendant fulfills those requirements, he or she avoids prison time.

“You can suspend it and literally hang it over their heads,” O’Mara said. “And if you do everything perfect, you will not go to prison for 10 years.”

But a probation violation — especially based on new criminal charges — would usually be enough to send the defendant to prison, O’Mara said.

“You gave him the break of a lifetime: You gave him 10 years and then took it back away,” he said.

Attempts to reach friends and family of Lindsey were unsuccessful late Monday and early Tuesday; one family member answered the phone but told a reporter she could not speak. Voicemails left for others were not returned. No one answered the door at a recent address.

The ex-fiancée in his 2008 case — whom the Orlando Sentinel is not naming because she was the victim of domestic violence — didn’t immediately return calls to phone numbers listed in public records.

Court records trace Lindsey’s disruptive, sometimes violent trajectory through Central Florida, including arrests in at least three counties: Orange, Seminole and Volusia — the most recent just last month.

Lindsey pleaded in the arson case in late 2009 and was sentenced to probation in April 2010. His first probation violation came in February 2011, when his probation officer wrote that Lindsey had violated his house arrest by leaving his home in Deltona without approval.

In a letter to his judge, Lindsey claimed that he had been getting medical treatment at Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City.

Lindsey spent 153 days in jail after that arrest, before being released back to house arrest. This time, he was ordered to apply for disability benefits and wear a GPS monitor to track his whereabouts, records show.

In July 2011, he asked Circuit Judge Randell Rowe for permission to move to an apartment of Silver Star Road in Orange County. The judge granted that request in a one-page order the following month.

In April 2012, deputies were called to that same apartment after another woman reported that Lindsey had become violent during an argument and threatened her at knife point while she held their 7-month-old son.

The woman said she had been dating Lindsey for about two years. They were arguing about taking their son to the doctor, she said, when Lindsey became enraged and kicked a bathroom door until it broke. He briefly left the apartment, but returned.

The argument resumed. Then, the woman told deputies, Lindsey armed himself with a knife and held her by the throat before dragging her into the living room as their son slipped from her grasp and onto the floor.

The child in that case, Aidan, was one of the four killed during Monday’s standoff, according to a family attorney.

Lindsey was arrested on felony charges — again triggering a violation of his Volusia County probation — but the case was short-lived: The following month, prosecutors deemed the case “not suitable” to move forward and opted against filing charges.

The Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office didn’t immediately respond to a request for more information about that decision.

The probation violation in that case resulted in a 324-day jail sentence, though Lindsey got credit for 214 days of time served. He was violated again in August 2013 for failing to make restitution payments, records show, but released after entering a plea.

Lindsey was arrested again May 4 after a loss-prevention officer at the Wal-Mart on Rinehard Road in Sanford saw him exiting the store with a shopping card full of unpaid merchandise he had placed into old Wal-Mart bags, according to an arrest affidavit.

The grand-theft arrest also violated Lindsey’s probation. But, records show, he again was released back to his probation after pleading to the violation, under the same rules of supervision as before.

http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/bre ... story.html

They will arrest a guy with pot in Florida but guys like these are out walking around?

Just **** terrible.
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Re: Orlando Gunman

Postby Matt_ » June 12th, 2018, 7:58 pm

Agreed. Violent crimes should have a penalty about 10 times longer than they currently are. You can attack a person unprovoked and as long as you don’t kill them you’ll be out in less than a year. It’s nuts.
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Re: Orlando Gunman

Postby GratefulDiver » June 13th, 2018, 8:18 am

I wish BangBang were still around. :(
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