My bad ass dog

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My bad ass dog

Postby Podman » June 14th, 2018, 2:17 pm

About 8 months ago we got a new pup.. He is a long haired Brussels Griffon and I suggest everyone get to know at least one of these guys at some point in their lives.

Last night I came in and my wife was watching the second LOTR and the little guy started freaking out at the end where Gollum starts talking to himself and planning his revenge.. the pup was pacing back and forth on rug in front of the tv barking at the screen until it finally got too intense and he jumped onto my wife and buried himself in her sweatshirt.

Then that film ends and the pup gets back down on the rug and starts his normal routine of throwing around a toy until the next film cues up and it starts in the past where Smeagal is out fishing with a friend.. the little pup froze watching the tv, I suppose because he could recognize the voice of the actor.. then in time the actor becomes Gollum again and the little guy barks at the screen a couple times before jumping back on my wife's chest :lol:
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