Anyone breeding Mandarin fish?

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Anyone breeding Mandarin fish?

Postby Be11yDancer » April 3rd, 2006, 3:22 pm

Okay, I'll admit I'm new to this hobby, I just got my first tank a month ago. It wasn't new, just moved from one location to another, much like a 100% water change.

I got a slap on my wrist from someone on this board for putting in a Mandarin fish so soon, but I explained I saw buggy things hopping on the rocks, so I assumed, this is his dinner.

But wanting to do everything right, I did some further research on Mandarin fish and now I would like to think about breeding them in the future. Not for profit, but at least economically, and in a way we can enjoy the breeding tanks.

For a start, what size and shape tank would be best?

How many pounds of live rock for 4 females and a male?

Would I need special lighting or same lighting for FOWLeR?

What kind of tank do people use for eggs? Undergravel filters?

How big a tank.

This information is just food for thought, such as if I run into a great deal on the right tank and supplies.
92 gallon corner tank, 140lbs of live rock, 1.5 watts per gallon, 2 cleaner shrimp, royal gramma, clown, cardinal banggai, Mandarin fish, 2 lettuce slugs, 2 feather dusters, 5 tiny hermit crabs, snails, green star polyp, mushrooms.
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Postby mwp » June 29th, 2006, 3:17 am

Sorry for the "delay" in a reply, but you might find this thread on ReefCentral of interest ;) ... did=824111

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Postby vaporize » November 25th, 2006, 6:32 am

Sorry to break the news to you but you need to upgrade substantially if you wanted to go forward with your breeding plans and fun project. :)

Your current 92G will 'start' to capable to house one mandarin in at least 1/2 - 1 year (depending on how fast it matures). To be able to house 5 mandarin, you probably wanted to look at 500G tank UNLESS you are one of those people that can actually train the mandarin to eat frozen mysis and continue to do so, then you might have a bit better luck with them in a 200-300G (for breeding). Given the experience, I would say go slow and read as much as you could.

As for my experience, out of the 5 mandarin I got, I only managed to train one single mandarin to eat frozen mysis without problems. I think somebody had continuous success with their training program might jump in, can't remember if it is MWP or not (read it on another forum).

Never the less, they are one of the most beautiful fish, unfortunately also one of the ones that are more often cyanide caught & died in new hobbyist tanks due to dietary requirements.
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Postby neptunesgardener » February 28th, 2007, 11:52 pm

By mandarin do you mean splendidus or picturatus?IME splendidus very rarely eat frozen,while picturatus usually will if worked with properly.The trick is to house them with no competition for food and no natural food source until they eat the mysis.9 out of 10 will take to it within a week.You must start with healthy fish that are carrying good weight.If no luck by a week you should get them into a proper set up as described above.
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