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How as the economy effected your reefkeeping habits?
I am spending more then ever.
I have not changed my reefkeeping habits.
I have reduced my livestock and drygood purchases.
I am postponing all purchases of all non-essential items.
I am quitting the hobby due to the economy.

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These are probably foraminiferans. These little creatures are basically shelled protozoans, one celled organisms (Subphylum: Sarcodina - the amoebas). They form shells primarily composed of calcareous material, with siliceous material from sponges, or other organic material. They are mostly sessile (non-moving), but can move with the use of temporary structure called a "pseudopodia". This little "arm" reaches out and pulls the rest of the critter along. In any event, they are harmless bacterial/detrital consumers. There are many different shell shapes and colors that these guys may have