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Aquarium.Net Article Index

Aquarium.Net online has a number of very thorough and informative articles pertaining to marine aquaria and although somewhat dated, they still are a good reference tool. General topics covered include:


Zoanthids, soft corals, LPS, SPS, disease, feeding, zooxanthellae, The Great Barrier Reef, and anemones  
Fish General info, disease
Invertebrates  General info, Reefkeepers Guide to Invertebrate Zoology
Sandbeds General info, sandbed clumping/cementing
Algae Nuisance algae, phytoplankton
Tank Setup Cost, live rock, filtration, lighting, voltage in the aquarium, moving a tank, zonation, lessons learned
General Information General info, Q&A, survey results

We hope that you find this index of help in finding the information you desire.

All articles are copyrighted © 1997, 1998, 1999 Aquarium.Net
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(NOTE: In mid 2004 it was discovered that the website was taken off-line. Prior to this date, we made many attempts to contact's administrators about mirroring their content on our website in the event that they decided to shut down their website as it was no longer being updated with content. All contact attempts met with failure. As did not want to see these articles lost forever, we made the decision to mirror the content on our website even though we could not contact the administrators for official permission. All articles are still copyright of If this decision was in error, please contact us at

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