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Coral Farming in a Two Bedroom Apartment

By Todd Crail

Todd Crail (aka "farmertodd")of Toledo, Ohio has been keeping aquatic life of some sort of the other for 19 years. What began as a 10 gallon "bribe" to sing a solo in a Church Cantata has now turned into a lifetime's passion, including pompting a Bachelor's degree in Biology.

Marine critters have only been a recent addition to Todd's aquatic resume with 2.5 years of experience. However, with a strong background in Ecology, Internet resources, owning an LFS for a year, and an intense curious nature, a full throttle approach to learning granted the opportunity to quickly develop and hone his marine husbandry skills.

Current marine systems are a 125 gallon SPS dominated aquarium and a 110 gallon soft and LPS multi-system, both with a focus on propagation and growth.

When Todd isn't basking in the halide glow, he usually can be found out in local fresh water angling or seining and studying local aquatic life or hopping around various XNet Chat Channels in the evenings.

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