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How as the economy effected your reefkeeping habits?
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I have not changed my reefkeeping habits.
I have reduced my livestock and drygood purchases.
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I am quitting the hobby due to the economy.

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We believe that the more you learn and know about the coral reef ecosystem, the more you will appreciate what you are doing and seeing. The greater your appreciation and understanding, the greater your enjoyment. We hope that with enhanced appreciation will come a desire to help us preserve and protect our reefs. That's why we've partnered with -- the premier, marine life education website.

CoralRealm is a cross between an online magazine (e-zine), a marine life identification guide, a research library, and dive travel planner. It's also a place where you can stop by and hang out with your fellow marine life and scuba diving enthusiasts.

CoralRealm Features (As described by

1000+ Professional Underwater Photographs:

Professional underwater photographs and video are the centerpiece of our website. We have top underwater photographers from around the world contributing to our databases, articles and photo galleries. Their work has been published in books, scientific publications, magazines and other media. Some of our contributing photographers include: Roger Steene, Kelvin Aitken, Jack Randall, Robert Myers, Fred Bavendam, Bob Halstead, John Hoover, Denise and Larry Tackett, Paul Humann, Scott Michael and Rudie Kuiter.

All photos are copyright © by the photographer

Reef Fishes and Shark & Ray Encyclopedias

Our ever-growing Marine Life Encyclopediasof reef fishes, sharks and rays are searchable by common, scientific or family name. Each of the 100+ species profiles include photos and information on: size, distribution, habitat, reproduction, feeding, behavior, diver interaction, and the best places to see. We include photography tips on selected species. There's also a clickable ocean map that you can use to locate species by region.

Feature Articles on a Variety of Marine Life Subjects

We offer in-depth feature articles on a variety of marine life subjects. In these original articles we explore rare and unusual marine life, fish behaviors, sharks, strange invertebrates and soft and stony corals as well as other topics that you will find both educational and entertaining. You'll also find original photos, video clips and illustrations to help you learn more.

Rare, Exotic and Unusual Marine life Presentations

bluering octopus The coral reef ecosystem is filled with hundreds of rare and unusual "critters" that many people have never heard of or seen before. In our Critter Hunt section, we present images and descriptions or marine life that you'll find to be almost "alien" in appearance and behavior. And, if you're a diver, you'll find tips on how to become a great critter hunter!

Quicktime Video Clip Library

We have one of the largest marine life video clip libraries on the web. Our library includes clips of schooling hammerheads, shark feeding, giant manta rays, feeding eagle rays, the rare and exotic flamboyant cuttlefish, frogfish luring, strange mantis shrimps and more.

Your Personal Life-List

Create and maintain your own custom list of marine life. Use it to inventory species in your tank. You can also use it as a handy quick reference to locate biology and behavior information on the species in your care. As a member, your personal, password protected, "Life List" is maintained in our database for your access at any time.

Dive Destination Designer

Our Destination Designer is the best way to find a dive destination that matches your skills, abilities, and marine life preferences. We help you match your preferences with possible dive locations worldwide. is supported by annual memberships.

CoralRealm supports the efforts of to promote responsible reef keeping and has agreed to give members a discount on membership to CoralRealm. An annual membership for members will cost you just $27.95 PLUS, CoralRealm will donate a portion of your membership fee back to to support our web site and reef keeping education programs.

It's a win-win-win collaboration. You get a full year of professionally developed marine life education resources, gets a donation and CoralRealm will be able to continue developing new content to inform, educate and entertain you.

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