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Economy's Impact?
How as the economy effected your reefkeeping habits?
I am spending more then ever.
I have not changed my reefkeeping habits.
I have reduced my livestock and drygood purchases.
I am postponing all purchases of all non-essential items.
I am quitting the hobby due to the economy.

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Votes : 4421
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Past Surveys

A variety of past surveys has published.
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Aquarist Profile Survey
August 2000 - September 2002

What is the profile of a marine aquarist? How fanatical are you about your aquariums? How many tanks do you maintain? Where do you get information from? Is there someone out there more crazy than you?

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Mandarin Survey
January 2001 - March 2001

A follow up to the original Mandarin Survey. More thorough and detailed, hopefully it will assist in gaining further insight into the conditions and methodology required to keep these fish alive and healthy in captivity. If you have ever kept a mandarin before the please fill out this survey, even if it has died. Results of the survey can now be viewed, with results up until March being used for more thorough analysis.

View Results - S. splendidus ( alive/ dead) - S. picturatus ( alive/ dead)

Lighting Survey
November 2000 - January 2001

Lighting, the subject that reefers spend forever discussing and arguing over. Which type is better, what colour temperature to use etc. How many times have you had someone ask what lighting you are using? Its a hot topic, so have a look at a snap shot of people are actually using.

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Temperature Survey
August - October 2000

A rather controversial subject in recent years, what temperature should you maintain your marine aquarium at? Have we been maintaining our aquariums at un-naturally low temperatures or right where it should be and has been found to work well in the past? Enter what you maintain your system at and find out what temperature others use.

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Salinity Survey
August - October 2000

Since the beginnings of the marine aquaria hobby specific gravity values of 1.022 and lower have been recommended for various reasons. Recently this wisdom has been challenged that it is not a natural level found on reefs around the world. Where does your aquarium run and is the average aquarist moving to higher salinities?

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