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Economy's Impact?
How as the economy effected your reefkeeping habits?
I am spending more then ever.
I have not changed my reefkeeping habits.
I have reduced my livestock and drygood purchases.
I am postponing all purchases of all non-essential items.
I am quitting the hobby due to the economy.

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Votes : 4421
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Videos Published by National Geographic

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Sharks 3 Video Collectors Set: Swim right into the jaws of these terrifying predators, alongside divers who suffered shark attacks and lived to tell the tale! Includes: Hunt for the Great White Shark, The Sharks, and Shark Encounters.

Australia's Great Barrier Reef: Join National Geographic for a tour of oceanic wonder.

Forest of the Deep : El Nino wreaks havoc on the California coast!

Jewels of the Caribbean Sea : Plunge into the glistening depths to encounter an array of vibrant, exotic creatures.

Ocean Drifters : Circle the globe with National Geographic on an underwater voyage powered by earth's great ocean currents the incredible superhighways of marine life.

Seasons in the Sea : An enchanted forest under the sea! Discover the beauty and wonder of the giant kelp forests just off the California coast.

Great White Shark : Truth Behind the Legend: Take an exciting new look at sharks with Jaws author Peter Benchley.

Hunt for the Great White Shark : As a young man, Rodney Fox barely survived an attack of a great white shark while diving offshore in Australia.

Killer Whales: Wolves of the Sea: Throughout every ocean on earth, Killer whales are the masters of the sea.

Shark Encounters : Shark Encounters.

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