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Economy's Impact?
How as the economy effected your reefkeeping habits?
I am spending more then ever.
I have not changed my reefkeeping habits.
I have reduced my livestock and drygood purchases.
I am postponing all purchases of all non-essential items.
I am quitting the hobby due to the economy.

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Videos Published by PBS

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Empty Oceans, Empty Nets : documents the crisis of marine fisheries as they are systematically fished down to the point of collapse.

Shape of Life: The eight part series on the evolution of life starts with "Origins," focusing on the sponges. It then presents programs on the cnidarians, the flatworms, the arthropods, the mollusks and the echinoderms. The final two programs are on the annelid worms and the chordates.

Scientific American Frontiers: Season XII: Beneath the Sea: In this program we'll see how scientists using new technologies are exploring life in the undersea world. Stories will include a profile of pioneering ocean explorer Robert Ballard.

Ocean Wilds: Realm of the Killer Whales: In late spring each year, along the British Columbian coast, pods of orcas, also known as "killer whales" re-appear after a mysterious absence of nearly four months.

Ocean Wilds: Creatures of Coral: In this episode, viewers witness a mass spawning off Australia that draws a menagerie of predators, swarms of worms and masses of tiny silver fish so tightly packed they have the appearance of huge glittering monsters.

Ocean Wilds: Sperm Whale Oasis: One thousand miles from land in the North Atlantic, the Azores Islands are a natural haven for whales and dolphins.

Ocean Wilds: Gathering of Giants: This episode offers a powerful portrait of the hidden lives of marine mammals in the Atlantic.

Ocean Wilds: Oases in the Sea: Both Galapagos and the kelp forests of the Channel Islands are unique ocean habitats that attract marine life like magnets.

Secrets of the Ocean Realm: Explore the fascinating and extraordinary behavior of creatures deep within their undersea world

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